Formula E Racing is Getting Serious

02.22.17 - Roborace NVIDIA Car

The electric racing series that started out as an experiment has been around for three seasons now and is ready to make some changes for the upcoming 2018 season. This is a racing series that was started in 2014 and has been gaining ground and teams over the past few years since it began. There are more and more big names being added and teams from Jaguar, McLaren and Faraday Future have all been added to the list. Another new way this series is becoming more serious and like the rest of racing is with a new chassis supplier that will built the cars for the 2018 season and beyond.

So far all we have is a rendering of what the chassis builds will look like for the all-electric racing series that’s gaining popularity each year and these renderings are amazing. The new manufacturer of the chassis for this racing series will be Spark Racing Technology. This new look is drastically different from the current form on the track to give us a car that’s more dramatic and imaginative. The look is somewhat inspired by the Formula E Roborace concept cars that are part of a self-driving racing test that was shown in the early part of 2016.

The look of this new Spark design shows us new aerodynamic changes with large air ducts to provide the stability needed from the downforce on the track. This new design offers us a look that feels like a nod to the Formula One cars from the 1980s and 1990s with a modern infusion of science that provides the airflow around the vehicle in a way that doesn’t require a large wing on the rear of the car. This is an impressive way to race in a car that’s certainly built to illicit our imaginations at the track.

There also seems to be some shielding to the cockpit design and streamlined wheels surrounds in the view of this new look. While you can see the inspiration from bot the “Roborace” models and the older Formula One cars this is a look that’s futuristic in design and gives us what we expect on the track of the race that’s going to carry us into the future. It appears Spark has done a great job of building this chassis, at least of the rendering becomes a reality and we’ll have the chance to follow this as we get closer to the 2018 season.

For now, the Formula E racers are still riding on the old chassis models offered, but enjoy those cars on the track while you can. The new Spark models will be offered next season and bring in the change that continues to make this the racing series of the future. If EV power is the future of driving there’s no doubt Formula E racing is the future of racing and may begin to see more highly recognizable names in the competition as it gains even more popularity around the world.

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