Other Large Cities May Need to Get on the Los Angeles Bandwagon

03.11.17 - Los Angeles Skyline

Over the history of Los Angeles this city has both been a gorgeous place of growth and development in Southern California and been a smog riddled pollution zone that trapped heat and made it hard to breath. The smog and the pollution mostly came from factories and from vehicles being driven in this area where it seemed more people were headed to live and make a life for themselves. Since the turn of the century, the officials in California, especially in Los Angeles, have worked to create a way to reduce the air pollution of this city and create a better quality of life for residents.

There are two ways this is happening in the area. One is the expansion of the Metro Rail system to allow it to connect LAX airport to the rest of the network via the Crenshaw Line. Additionally, the Purple Line is being improved to connect UCLA to downtown and make it easier to get around. The end goal of this change seems to be to make sure you can visit Los Angeles and never need to drive a car because the public transportation system is advanced enough to handle your needs.

Another way the public transportation system is being improved is with the use of an autonomous bus system that’s being tested. This driverless shuttle can be powered by electricity and be a great way for anyone to get around the area needed. These shuttles could come to your call through the use of an app that’s similar to Uber and follows a route that’s been tested to be the right way for them to drive around the area. Even with these changes, the vehicle ownership numbers aren’t going down, but there are improvements taking place to aid this as well.

As we know, hydrogen and electricity are going to be the zero-emission fuel sources of the future and California is leading the way toward making these fuel sources more readily available than any other state. Right now there are several filling stations for hydrogen and electricity being built and positioned around the city of Los Angeles. It’s important to have the infrastructure in place if the government of Los Angeles hopes to meet their goal of having zero pollution by the year 2050. If residents know they can easily fill up on these alternative fuel sources they’re more likely to buy a vehicle that’s powered by hydrogen or electricity.

Los Angeles is well on its way to being the first city to achieve the goal of not greenhouse gas emissions as they continue to reduce the number of gasoline powered vehicles on the road each year. Other large cities around the country and around the world can certainly learn from this action and follow the lead of the State of California and the city of Los Angeles. The changes already in place have made a huge difference as this city continues to improve its air quality going forward.

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