Improvements for the Volkswagen e-Golf

03.17.17 - Volkswagen e-Golf

In an effort to improve what we love about EV models it seems like more and more automakers are turning up the heat on the range and the power their EV models offer. Right now this segment of the market is one of the smallest and with the lowest sales numbers, but some models are making changes that hopefully will help make a difference and provide us with more of what we want on the market. While most still fight the fact that charging takes a long time, usually overnight, there are more benefits than ever to driving a great EV model.

One of the models that have been on the market for a few years now is the Volkswagen e-Golf. The Golf is a car that seems to be used for nearly everything VW wants to do including being made into a wagon, a small SUV, and a hot hatch. For the e-Golf, the improvements made have created an interest in this car that hasn’t been present in the past. What could VW do to this car that would make it more interesting and one that we want to see on the road more than in the past?

Let’s start with the fact that VW now offers this car with a greater range and more power. The range of the e-Golf has been improved to 125 miles on a single full charge which is 51 percent more than what it was in the past. This number is actually more than what VW had promised making it a way this brand has over delivered on what we want in the car. The improvements don’t stop at the improved range, which makes this an, even more, fun to discuss vehicle than it has been in the past.

The other improvements made come in the form of the power output you can enjoy. This small EV model of the Golf now offers you 134 horsepower which is up from the 115 that was offered in the previous models. There is also more torque and because its and EV the power of the torque is available right away. This car can now reach sixty mph in less than ten seconds, which is a significant improvement over previous models. This new version of the e-Golf can be recharged to eighty percent of the range in only an hour using a fast charging connection.

Even though this model is a low volume car the interest in small EV cars has grown over the years and for those who are looking for the Golf EV this is what they’ll enjoy driving. The e-Golf is a car that works for exactly what you need and can give you the ride you want on a daily basis without the need to stop at a gas station on a regular basis. With the added range and the improved power, you’ll love the way this new version of the car will drive and give you exactly what you want on the road.

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