Accessories that can Make a Huge Difference in Your Drive

03.21.17 - Car Coffee Maker

Just because you bought a car doesn’t mean you have everything you need to make the driving more fun and manageable for you. If you didn’t opt for the navigation system you might need to have a way to upgrade your driving experience and enjoyment on the road. There are several different ways to enjoy the ride with the accessories you want to enjoy on the road that are great gadgets for you to have more during you driving. Add some of these items to your driving experience and you’ll have the perfect way to have a ride that’s great for you.

Smartphone Holder – A smartphone holder is a great way to have the navigation system you didn’t opt for right in front of you where you want to enjoy it. This also makes it easy for you to see notifications without taking your eyes off the road and most of them come with an easy way to charge your phone on the road as well.

Key Tracker – If you’re someone who has a tendency to lose their keys a tracking device can help you find your keys when you lose them. Some of these trackers can make it so you can lose your phone as well. This will help you avoid losing the two most lost items in our lives in order to make it easy for you to find what you’ve lost and get on with your day.

Car Coffee Maker – It’s important to have a good hot cup of coffee when you have a long ride on a daily basis. A coffee maker that can brew a couple cups for you can make a huge difference for you on the road when you’re looking for the energy drink you’re looking for. Coffee is one of our favorite items to get going in the morning and this item can make it easier for you.

Portable Connectivity – there are devices you can add to your car that gives you the ability to have Wi-Fi in the car and connect several devices. All you need in addition to the item is a subscription service that will give you the connectivity you need and make it easier for you to have the features you’re looking for when you want to be connected in your vehicle.

Air Purifier – The air in your car can be improved with an air purifier that can help remove the pollutants and bacteria in the car. This is a great device to add when you want to enjoy cleaner air and you have to sit in traffic on a daily basis where there are more pollutants in the air with so many people dealing with what the vehicles around them cause.

Refrigerator/Cooler – With this device you can take a large number of items with you and keep them cold. You’ll love the way this item works to keep your groceries or perishables cold for you on the ride home. This is also perfect for picnics; trips to the beach or road trips where you need to have items stay colder longer.

Dash Cam – If you want the ability to show what happened in an accident this is the item for you. You’ll be able to document every aspect of the accident including the time and date to make it easy to see which vehicle was in the wrong. This is perfect when you want to make sure the other driver isn’t attempting to commit insurance fraud after your accident.

Bluetooth Adapter Kit – Not every car has Bluetooth in it and if you’ve chosen an older model that doesn’t have Bluetooth you’ll want this capability. You can enjoy the benefit of hands-free calling, music streaming and much more from the adapter that you’ll be able to enjoy connecting to your different features of the car when you want to enjoy being connected.

Mini Jump Starter – You should have cables in your car in case you need to get a jump start or you need to give one. These are easy to store in your trunk and make a difference when you arrive at your car and find that your battery has been drained because you left something in your car turned on while you were away.

Portable Air Compressor – This is important when you have tires on your car and since every vehicle on the road has tires this is absolutely necessary. This can make a difference on the road when you find you’ve got a leaking tire that needs to be taken care of with some air from the compressor. You may not use this item much, but you’ll be glad you have it.

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