Off Road Driving is the Way to Go

05.01.17 - Off Roading

We’ve probably all dreamed about heading off the paved paths and checking out the trails and wilderness that’s a huge part of what this country still has to offer. Currently the total percentage of paved roads to land space is less than 0.1 percent which means there’s a large and a lot of country out there for you to explore if you have the right vehicle and the tools needed to do it. While the idea of backpacking across the country in one direction or another is a romantic one, you might have more fun if you take a vehicle and go exploring.

In order to do this, you first need to make sure you have a 4WD vehicle that has the right features for you to be able to feel confident on the trails. This means large tires with deep treads, shocks that travel a great distance, lifted aspects of the vehicle and the items that can help you get in and out of trouble out on the trails. It’s a good idea to fit your off road vehicle with the lights and winces you need in order to have the vehicle that’s completely capable of getting the job done for you.

The area you choose to go off roading can be important as well. Right now forty-one states have Off-Highway-Vehicle (OHV) areas that are perfect for you to have some fun. These are areas that are public land that’s been set up for the fun of motorized play on the trails and in the wilderness. If your state offers some of these areas, you need to make this where you start the fun of driving and discovery that you’ll have when you hit the trails and see what these areas have to offer you and your vehicle.

Another aspect of driving out on the trails is to be prepared for anything. You can’t assume you’ll have food, water, cell service or that you’ll make it back from the trail on time. Before you go you should map out where you’re planning to be and stick to this area. It’s also a good idea to protect everything from the possibility of foul weather. This means taking along paper maps that you’ve put into plastic bags, having some matches in a plastic case so that you can make a fire if you need to and having all the supplies you can think of.

Driving on the trails and even carving your own trails can be a lot of fun, but the item that appear to be obstacles and items that you might want to avoid can actually become an asset in the wilderness. When you come upon a rock or a felled tree, instead of avoiding it and ending up with a damaged sidewall on your tire, you’re better off hitting this obstacle with the center of the tread where your tires are the strongest. You also need to pay attention to items such as changes in the color of the dirt where you’ll experience a change in the grip when you hit it.

You need to pay attention when you drive on the trails and out in the wilderness, but you can have a lot of fun off of the paved roads. Mother Nature is going to tell you how you’re doing on the trails and let you know that you need improvement or that you’ve learned how to drive when the roads are left far behind. Get yourself and your vehicle ready and have a great time exploring the wilderness around you.

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