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Faster Formula One Cars

05.25.17 - Formula One

When you see the new Formula One cars on the track this year you’ll see cars that look like they barely slow down in the corners. You couldn’t take your street car, even if it’s a sports car, and do what these cars are doing on the track. In fact most streets cars are only about one-eight as capable as these impressive Formula One cars are at the track and the only real limiting factor inside these cars is coming down to the driver and what they’re willing and able to endure during a race.

The Formula One cars we’ve seen in recent history have been capable of driving flat out through the corners and are able to turn tight and sharp when needed. These cars can make it around nearly any course with blazing speed and the most straight area that are offered the faster they can go. These are the fastest circuit cars in existence and they make it possible to have miles that are run quicker than ever. In order to get a feel for what’s going on with the driver inside one of these cars you need to check out the video linked below.

With racing begun there have been many drivers who have come forward to tell us how brutal these cars can be to drive. These impressive Formula One cars are hard on the body, on the parts in the car and hard on the car in general, but a lot of fun to drive. All this fun and the toughness of the drive comes down to the fact that these cars are now capable of pulling nearly 8g in the corners that are high banking corners to give you a ride that’s insane on your systems and on the overall vehicle as well.

To think about how much better these cars have become, the person who set the record at the Australian Grand Prix was Lewis Hamilton and he set a record in the Mercedes-AMG Petronas car with a time of 1:22.188 which was nearly two seconds faster than the time that was set last year. This lap around the track is what you see in the video linked below which shows you the speed and the gear that Hamilton was in during his record setting lap around the track for the race that started this new Formula One season.

When you look to compare this with your street car you will barely be capable of pulling 1g of lateral acceleration in the corners in your car. The fact that a Formula One car ha the open wheels, wider tires and much more aggressive aerodynamics allows drivers like Hamilton to run flat out through the corners and ride through the straight runs at well over 200 mph as a norm during the testing of these cars. This racing season should be a lot of fun in Formula One with these new cars take a look at the fast lap in this video and get excited about these new cars and this new racing season.

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