A Cool Part of Your Car

A cool part of your car


You might not think about the hood of your car much, especially if you drive around in one of the many commuter cars or SUVs that doesn’t require much style or added function of the hood to perform. What’s the purpose of a hood anyway? The purpose of this item is to protect the engine bay from debris and items that could potentially damage the engine and cause you to have to deal with a difficult situation in the repair shop. Even though most hoods are mundane and boring, there are some that have been put on cars that are truly cool to see and offer some function as well.

Cadillac ATS-V – This car has a great looking hood with a vent for more airflow into the engine area and plenty of sharp lines that coordinate well with what this car offers as a sports luxury car on the road. This hood is perfectly built for the car it’s attached to and easily gives this car the attitude desired which is a sports car that is full of luxury as well.

Subaru WRX STI – This is one of the most highly recognizable hoods on the market and with the massive vent in the hood this item is able to keep the engine cool even when at peak performance. this is a trademarked item in this car that has been around for the many generations that we’ve enjoyed driving the WRX STI.

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE – This track car has its own version of the sport use of eye black. The hood is designed to be sleek and stylish while fitting in perfectly with this car. This car has been painted black when the 1LE package is installed to help avoid the glare that can be a distraction on the track, which makes it a unique and highly functional hood.

BMW i8 – This hood is perfectly styled to this car with an aggressive look and the front vent that makes it attractive. This is a hood that is unique in how it opens and is held open. It takes two people to open it and the latches are located in a unique place to make it possible to open up and forward when you want to have a look underneath.

Ferrari LaFerrari ApertaWhile the engine isn’t located up front, this car has a hood that is fitted with vents that have fans underneath for the front radiators. There isn’t much you can put inside this area as it is the trunk of the car but this hood does give the car a more appealing appearance than if you had a simple cover.
Jaguar F-Type – You’ll see a pair of vents in order to cool the engine under the hood and give you more airflow for this elegant and stylish hood. Check out the video below which Jaguar gives us to show the right way to open the hood. This car breathes sports elegance and the hood is a big part of that feeling as well.

Dodge Shaker – This is the hood that you’ll recognize as one of the most iconic Dodge hoods on the market today. This hood has a large space in it to show off the engine mounted scoop and the high flow element to pull in the cold air. This scoop actually shakes when you accelerate to give you the feeling you want and to be right for the name.

Ford GT – This is another one of the hoods that isn’t exactly functional but it looks amazing with the massive air extracting vents up front that give you a design that’s similar to what the original one offered. This is one of the most attractive vehicles on the road and the hood carries the style perfectly to give us something impressively exciting.

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon – This hood has the largest functional air vent on the market to give us a production vehicle that can pull the air in better than any other. This hood may be somewhat subtle, but it gives you an awesome look and feel with air coming in around the headlights to make sure this car can perform at its best.

Aston Martin DB11 – This is an extremely unique hood with a clamshell design that is engineered with the headlights attached. This hood opens and keeps the headlights in place to make it one of the most unique hoods you’ll see that opens up in a way that you’ll be amazed by. Check the video below and see how this hood works.

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