There is a Replacement for Displacement

There is a Replacement for Displacement

When you think about the development of the automotive industry and the technology our vehicles have today, the fact that you can have more of what you want with a smaller engine than in the past seems ludicrous. For decades the saying was “there’s no replacement for displacement” but that has, in fact, become a fallacy when it comes to what we see on the roads today. You may still want a fire-breathing V8 engine if your goal is to spend your weekends at the track trying to turn fast laps to show off to your friends.
Right now, the most common engine layout you’ll find on the market is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder model. This engine should come with a nickname or a cape because it’s one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen. More automakers have turned to this engine layout than any other in the past and it finds itself under the hood of vehicles that range from the small hatchbacks that we love to drive on up to the large family sized SUVs that carry the luxury qualities we want. This engine is being used by manufacturers around the world for the power we need.

Is This the Super Engine?

Of course, we could call the 2.0 turbo four the super engine. This is the engine used in more than seventy of the models offered on the market in the US. Why are we seeing this engine used as often as it is? While not every automaker has the same reason for the use, they can all agree this is the right size for the power used in their vehicles. This sweet spot is ideal for the heat transfer and rejection that’s used across the cooling system to make sure the turbocharger can get the job done for you.
Another reason for the use of this engine is the fact that it will reach the peak torque at a much lower rpm than any engine that’s larger than it. The sooner the torque can be reached at the peak level, the faster a car can accelerate from a dead stop, which is what you need on the roads when you drive. You’re going to have a hard time reaching a top speed that rivals supercars, but that’s not what most of our driving requires and this engine build is the one that can get you going right away.
With improved fuel mileage, lower emissions, faster acceleration, and a smaller and more affordable build, the automotive industry has found the true replacement for displacement for many of the vehicles we enjoy driving on the roads. The 2.0-liter turbo four is the super engine and certainly one that offers what’s needed to be the basis for protecting the environment, keeping more money in your pocket, and allowing you to accelerate the way you want to from a stop to get into traffic and get going. Don’t be surprised if this is the engine you see under the hood of the vehicle you choose, regardless of the price and quality you shop for.

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