The Used Vehicles You Can Drive with Confidence

Used Cars

When you’re shopping for an excellent value and you want to choose a used car the ones that can benefit you and offer you the best drive are those that are part of a certified pre-owned (CPO) program.
While a CPO car might be a little more expensive, this added cost is worth it in the long run because you’re going to have the peace of mind you need that doesn’t come with a typical used vehicle. Here are some of the things you can expect with a CPO model:

Limited Qualifications

Only vehicles that meet specific criteria will qualify to be part of the CPO program. This typically means late model, low mileage vehicles with a clean vehicle history report. If the vehicle doesn’t meet these qualifications it cannot become a CPO model. This criterion varies from brand to brand, but every automaker has a standard for what a CPO model can be.

Inspection and Reconditioning

Every automaker has a different inspection process, but all of them will perform an inspection to certify a vehicle for the program. Typically this inspection process offers between 100 and 200 individual items that are checked before the vehicle can be approved. This is much more than what you’ll have with a typical used vehicle.

Extended Warranty Protection

This is the part of the CPO program that most consumers gravitate toward with one of these vehicles. The CPO program extends both the original and the powertrain warranties to give you the peace of mind you need in a CPO model. Typically, the automakers that have shorter warranty periods may extend their warranty mileage and time with the CPO program.

Roadside Assistance

This is an important aspect of a CPO vehicle that can come in handy when you run out of gas, lock yourself out of your vehicle, or you need a jump start. This is a free 24-hour service that typically lasts for the duration of the extended warranty coverage. This is much better than with a typical used vehicle that offers you no assistance when you’re stranded.

Low Interest Financing

The CPO model you choose can be offered to you with lower interest rates for the financing to make it even more affordable for you. While the actual price of the vehicle might be more than other used models, the CPO vehicle could cost you less per month because of the financing you secure when you choose one of these models to drive.


There are even some CPO Models that will allow you to lease a vehicle that’s been certified. This means you could enjoy a lower price per month and drive a more expensive vehicle than what you might be able to afford normally. This is an excellent program to help you have what you want to drive and allow you to turn it in after the lease period.

Included Maintenance

Some CPO programs will include a specified period of time with maintenance that’s included in the cost of the vehicle. This typically lasts for a certain number of miles or the period of time to make sure you can get started with the vehicle the way you would a new model. This service usually pays for oil changes and tire rotations that you’ll need to be performed at the dealership.

Satisfaction Guarantee

There are some programs where you’ll have the benefit of being able to exchange the vehicle for a different one during a specified time and miles if you’re not pleased with it. This isn’t a money-back guarantee, but it’s one that benefits you in a way that you can swap out the model for another one that you may enjoy driving more than your original choice.

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