The Hyundai SUVs are Coming

Hyundai Tucson

There’s no doubt that the commitment to the future of driving is centered around the small and active SUV models like those from Hyundai, that can be enjoyed on a daily basis.
The SUV segment has outsold the sedan market for two years in a row so far, and it now offers us more options of what you want for the drive on the road. There are now more choices for the vehicles that fit five people, have a small cargo area, and the driving dynamics of a car than there have ever been.

One brand that has embraced this movement and has announced an important plan to grow in this area is Hyundai. This brand already offers us a trio, formerly considered the magic number, of SUVs for the drive with the Tucson, Santa Fe Sport, and Santa Fe models that are all crossover SUVs of various sizes. Even though they have this strong trio already, the team at Hyundai has developed the new Kona to fit below the Tucson and give us the subcompact choice we want in this driving category when we head out on the road, but they aren’t done yet.

What Else is Planned

In a market where the magic number was three, the Hyundai team has chosen to expand this number and they plan to do so quickly. Between 2018 and 2019 we will see at least four more SUV models added to the mix to go with the Kona. These could be re-engineered models that are names we already know, especially when the Electric and Fuel Cell models are offered, but there will be at least two that we don’t know much about just yet. This should make the different auto shows for 2018 an interesting site when it comes to the Hyundai booth.
Once these five new models are offered for the market, Hyundai isn’t going to stop and be satisfied with what they have. Instead, three new models will arrive between the 2019 and 2020 model years to add a diesel model, a midsize CUV and an A-Segment CUV to the mix to bring us to a total of eleven different models that are offered for us to choose from when we want to have an excellent drive from the Hyundai brand. These new models should certainly improve this segment and bring the models we want to drive from this brand.
Will we see all of these new models in the US? There is a good chance we might not see the diesel model because of our strict emissions regulations, but that doesn’t mean we can rule it out. With some of the domestic names already offering us diesel choices, it’s possible Hyundai will be another one that will enter the mix as well. Soon, the SUV market from Hyundai may have eleven different names in the mix to join the Tucson, Santa Fe Sport, Santa Fe, and Kona which will arrive on dealership lots in March.

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