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Dyson: British Engineering Being Built in Singapore

Dyson British Engineering Being Built in Singapore

There are more companies than ever working toward bringing electric cars to the market. One company that has made its name in another market is Dyson, which is a company that’s committed to building an electric car for the future. When it came to vacuum cleaners, the Dyson team has made serious waves with their high-end premium bagless models that make it possible for us to clean our floors and carpets with the right models. With this in mind, we can expect the EV models from Dyson to be higher priced but built with an incredible level of quality.

The Decision and the Dates

Dyson is a company that’s based in Great Britain, but founder James Dyson has chosen a different location for the first Dyson car to be built. While the new electric car will be engineered in the United Kingdom, these new models will actually be built in Singapore. The engineering center in the UK will continue to function and work to create the right EV for the company with a current investment of over $200 million in Hullavington. This engineering center has a ten-mile long test track to make testing easier for the company.

What Does Singapore have to Offer?

While Singapore happens to be one of the most expensive places in the world to do business, it also offers a variety of excellent features that make it the most attractive place to build the new Dyson car. This country holds a free-trade agreement with China, which is the world’s largest market for electric cars. Dyson also already has a plant for electric motors in Singapore, making it easy for the company to transition to building cars. The country is also in the middle of a variety of busy shipping routes for the ease of distribution.

When Should We See the New Dyson Car?

The new Dyson factory that will build the company’s first electric car will open in 2020 and the cars will begin to roll off the assembly line in 2021. The company is prepared to and has confirmed an investment of $2.7 billion to make it possible to launch this first model and enter the automotive market. While we don’t have a name for the car or any specifications, you can expect the Dyson electric car will be a car that will be offered with a higher price and more quality than the mainstream EV models we see today.

Will the Dyson EV Make it to the US

With direct routes to China, it’s likely that the first couple years of the Dyson electric car will only be offered in China or in China and Europe. We may see the Dyson car after this time and after the brand has perfected what they want the car to be. If you never thought you’d drive a car that comes from a vacuum cleaner company, that’s about to change as Dyson moves forward and works to build the car they want to offer us for a clean and impressive drive.

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