Chevrolet Works to Help You Through the Winter

2019 Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevrolet produces several hard-working models to get you through the winter driving season without missing a beat.
Some areas of the country are finally beginning to thaw out and we look forward to the budding of spring foliage and the activities that will take place that signifies that spring is here and that we’re moving toward summer. Even so, there was something offered to many customers around the country that was simply designed to help get you through the toughest winter months that were harsher and colder than they have been in the past and GM was the company that brought you this added layer of assistance.

Keeping You Safer in the Cold

This past winter was predicted by the Farmers’ Almanac to offer a colder winter than most and above-normal snowfall, which we’ve all seen. With this in mind, Chevrolet provided more than 19 million eligible customers with a little more peace of mind than they had in the past. What Chevrolet has done is make sure up to three complimentary months of OnStar safety and security coverage was offered to allow those that needed it to have the ability to call for help when stranded or in a difficult situation in their vehicle during the snowy season.
After all, even if you’re driving a highly capable, winter-ready vehicle like a Chevy Tahoe, or Silverado, you still may need a little more help from time to time, anyone can get stuck in those tight, icy situations.

What Does this OnStar System Offer

Adding a bit of extra protection during the winter months makes perfect sense. The roads can become hazardous with dangerous driving conditions and heavy snowfall, ice, and freezing rain. This service allows customers to benefit from the Automatic Crash Response, Roadside Assistance, Emergency Services, Crisis Assist, and access to a live advisor. All of these features are offered at the push of the OnStar button which is included in all Chevrolet vehicles, even if the vehicle doesn’t have a current subscription to this service. This makes it possible for owners to know they can benefit and be cared for when they end up in a tough spot on the road.

Enrolling was Easy for Chevrolet Owners

Owners of eligible Chevrolet vehicles that didn’t already have OnStar services needed only to push the blue OnStar button in order to enroll. The advisor they were connected to automatically provided one month of the service and two additional months for owners that put a credit card on file for a monthly automatic renewal in the plan. This offer was available for customers that drive Chevy models that are 2006 or newer with inactive OnStar services for the vehicle.

Think About this When Buying Your Next Vehicle

Not every automaker offers you an emergency service program that’s similar to OnStar. GM has been including the OnStar button and the availability of these services for a long time. When you’re looking for the next vehicle that you want to purchase, consider making it a Chevrolet model to have access to the OnStar services that can help you and be available to you when it’s time for you to have the benefits of an emergency service that can help you when you’re stuck in an accident or you have any type of emergency and need some help.

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