Facebook Retargeting Ads for Dealers

Facebook Retargeting Ads for Car Dealers

Turn Views into Sales

Facebook retargeting ads are a great advertising tool for dealers to capture potential customers who are already interested in one of your cars or just casually browsing your inventory. It’s important that your dealer stays in your customers’ minds, so when they’re ready to buy a car, they’re buying it from you and not another dealer. The nice thing about retargeting ads is they’re shown to potential customers who have already visited your site and are clearly curious or interested to learn more.

Retargeting Ads

When you make a purchase decision, it’s not always a cut and dry buying process where you see something you want and then immediately buy it on the spot. Especially when it comes to larger purchases like cars, it may take you some time to think things through before you’re ready to buy. Retargeting ads are there to help you as a consumer by reminding you what you were interested in. You may find them annoying, but you can’t deny the effect they have on your buying decision.

As a consumer, retargeting ads are useful tools to help you make a buying decision and as dealer and business, you can use them to your advantage and help out potential customers. You can have Facebook serve browsing potential customers an ad featuring the car they were just looking at. Sometimes all a customer needs is that extra nudge to take the next step and buy the car they’ve been eyeing and these retargeting ads can help you make sure they’re buying their next car from you.

The most commonly used retargeting ad involves a bit of code and cookies. This bit of code works in conjunction with Facebook retargeting ads and prepares to serve the customer an ad after they leave your website. Now, these cookies are matched to the web pages that were visited, so you’ll want to make sure that bit of code is on the web pages you want to trigger the retargeting ads.

Setting Up Your Retargeting Ads

Setting up your retargeting ads on Facebook is pretty easy. First, you’ll want to establish your lead group, which you can customize based on various demographic information like location, age, and interests. After you’ve determined who you want to serve retargeting ads to, you can name and save the audience for easy reference. You can create more than one audience and customize them for each campaign. From there, you’ll want to set your budget, which you should have already discussed with your marketing team. There will be a bidding section on the budget page, which will come in handy if you’re just starting out with retargeting ads. You can opt for Facebook to “Optimize for clicks,” which is nice because that means Facebook will do more of the back end when it comes to choosing who and when to serve the ads for the best chances of click-through rates.

Crafting your ads come next. Each ad can have up to six photos, so this gives you a chance to experiment with different photo styles and see which ones your customers are clicking on more. Keep your headline succinct and focused on what your customers want because you’re limited to 25 characters. Keep text on the images to a minimum, after all, the focus for these ads is the cars that you want your customers to buy, so the text doesn’t have to be the attention grabber. You will also have a chance to add a call to action button like “Shop Now” or “Learn More.” Have fun creating strategic ads and observe your results, so your next batch of ads will be even more catered to your audience than the previous set.

Practice Makes Perfect

Getting the hang of Facebook retargeting ads can be a challenge at first, but once you run a few ad campaigns and start analyzing the results, you’ll be able to find commonalities among the best-served ads and the ones that didn’t perform as well. Adjust your ads and your budget accordingly and start again.  As you start to get a better grip on the whole idea you can even consider drip marketing in the future, which uses retargeting ads to create a sort of marketing funnel to target consumers that are most likely to convert.  These retargeting ads are powerful and useful tools for you and your potential customers.


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