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The First Iron Man Hyundai Kona Delivered

2019 Iron Man Hyundai Kona Edition

Hyundai created a special model of the Hyundai Kona and debuted it at Comic Con to show off to the public what they had done. This special version of the Iron Man Hyundai Kona is inspired by the Iron Man suit and character and the first one of these models has been delivered recently. The first person to take delivery is Air Force veteran Matthew Conway from Florida who fell in love with the vehicle when his wife bought one and with the special model when he heard about its debut at Comic Con, making him a big fan of what Hyundai has created.

A Fan Drives a Fan Mobile

Matthew Conway is a big fan of Iron Man and the Marvel movies and made it his goal to be the first to be able to take delivery of the Iron Man-inspired Hyundai Kona. Conway picked up his new Iron Man Hyundai Kona Edition at the Hyundai dealership in Wesley Chapel Florida to become the first customer to have this impressive vehicle. He’s stated that he fell in love with the gray and red color scheme that’s offered to make this a small SUV that can be ideal for the drive he wants to make.

What Does the Kona Iron Man Edition Offer?

On the outside, the Iron ManHyundai Kona is an SUV that offers you unique front lighting, and custom daytime running lights that resemble the facemask and eye shape of the Iron Man suit. The front fender features Iron Man mask badging, there’s a custom set of 18-inch alloy wheels with Iron Man center caps and a dark chrome front grill. The exterior color is an exclusive Iron Man matte gray that was created to match the first Iron Man suit. This matte gray is offset with red accent features.

Going Inside for a Look

When you look inside the Kona Iron Man Edition, you’ll find Tony Stark’s signature adorned on the instrument panel alongside a unique Iron Man shift knob. There’s a head-up display and center stack that both feature visual graphics from Iron Man and a custom seat design that reminds you that this SUV is one that could be hauling a superhero on the road. You’re sure to admire the impressive build and the style offered inside and out of this amazing vehicle that captures the feeling of the Iron Man suit.

Get Your Iron Man Model Today

You can order the Hyundai Kona Iron Man Edition by visiting your nearby Hyundai dealership. This item is a limited run model and is truly a collector’s edition that could be right for you to have a special vehicle to drive. A pinch smaller than it’s brother SUV, the Hyundai Tucson, Kona is a wonderful and small SUV that offers you the capability and the right size for what you want to do when you get behind the wheel. Let this special edition of the Kona become the vehicle you drive and show off while giving you the pleasure of having a bit more fun from behind the wheel.


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