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Month: July 2019


The Uniqueness of this Hyundai

When you take a drive over to your nearby Hyundai dealership location and see the Hyundai Veloster, you’ll know you’ve found a conversation piece that can be great for you to have the fun and drive you want. This is a car that is distinguished by a unique body style that only has three doors for passengers to get inside and a large area in the back as a sporty hatchback that can be great for you on the road. Hyundai calls this a “reverse halo” car that can appeal to your youthful nature and offer some fun when you drive. The Driving Feeling of the Veloster One of the biggest changes to the Hyundai Veloster is the change from a twist-beam rear axle to a multi-link independent rear suspension. This means you have a more planted feeling and the right way to enjoy the responsive nature of th...

This Kia Welcomes All Challenges

Whether the challenge that’s presented to the Kia Sorento has to do with other SUVs or the driving needs you have, this impressive midsize crossover SUV has the ability to get more done and be the right choice for you on the road. The Kia Sorento can give you the room you want and the warranty that will give you peace of mind. All models come with three rows of seats that give you seven places for people to enjoy the drive, along with the ten-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty, making this an easy SUV for you to admire and love on the road. Choose the Right Drive in the Sorento You’re looking for an SUV that can get up to speed the right way, give you the ability to handle the ride on the roads in your area, and bring you added performance when you drive. The Kia Sorento can give ...
Nissan has a Luxury Ride
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Nissan has a Luxury Ride

You don’t often think of the Nissan brand as offering a luxury vehicle to enjoy on the road, but the Armada does offer us the quality and prestige that we want. The Nissan Armada is an SUV that feels like it’s out of place in the Nissan lineup because of the luxury features and qualities offered, but this SUV is certainly a large model that will give you the driving performance that you want to enjoy when on the road. You’re going to be glad to have the strength and the build of this SUV when you visit your nearby Nissan location today. (more…)
2019 Honda Accord: It Does Nearly Everything Right
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2019 Honda Accord: It Does Nearly Everything Right

  It’s not a sports car but it can be sporty, it’s not a luxury car, but it can be comfortable, and it’s not an exciting car, but it can be fun to drive. The 2019 Honda Accord is easily one of the most impressive vehicles on the market for this model year. This impressive vehicle brings you the qualities you want in a midsize sedan while making it easy for you to have the drive you want on the road. When you get behind the wheel of this car, you’re going to see why it’s one that can be the right choice. (more…)