A Corvette Test Run You’ll Love

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Normally, when we talk about the most famous test track in the world it’s to share a new hot lap that was accomplished by a car.
Usually, this news also comes with a car that’s either already on the market or about to be on the market in the next couple of months. In the case of the vehicle being tested in the video below, this is a car that’s not ready to hit the market and won’t for at least another year, but it made the journey to perform some testing.

The Mid-Engine Corvette Heads to Nurburgring

You would think if Chevrolet was going to test a car they would keep that testing to the tracks in the US. There are certainly plenty of amazing locations for tests to take place including some of the GM testing tracks that have been developed for the models from this company to be tested. Of course, the new Corvette is going to be expected to run hot laps around Nurburgring at some point and there seems to be no better time than the present to at least make some test runs to see how this car can perform at this track.

Not a Hot Lap

One thing to keep in mind about the video below is that the car isn’t making a hot lap at all. This new mid-engine Corvette is shown making the lap around the most famous test track in the world to give the Chevrolet team a better idea of what needs to be adjusted and altered to make this car one that’s a lot of fun for us to drive. There will be a time when the C8 Corvette finds its way to Nurburgring ready to take on this track and run the hot lap you want to see.

Not the First Time for the Corvette at Nurburgring

Over the years, the Chevrolet Corvette has been testing at Nurburgring at some point in the development of every model. While the initial testing takes place on the tracks around the GM facilities and at some of the different locations in the US, taking a trip to Germany in order to see how this car can stack up against some of the exotic cars that are made in Europe seems to be part of the development of the Corvette to give us an idea of what this car brings for our drive.

Bringing it Closer to Perfection

With the production date for the new mid-engine Corvette only a year away, it seems that the Chevrolet team is working hard to make this car as dynamic and engaging as it possibly can be. This car is one that will capture our attention and let us have the fun we’re looking for with the engine in the rear. Expect to see more information about this car in the future, but until then, go ahead and take a look at the video below and listen to the roar of the new mid-engine Corvette.

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