Tuesday, January 26

SUV – Its Time to Drive the Ford Escape

Where do you need to go? What do you need to take with you? Do you have the right vehicle for you to take you and your stuff where you need to go? The answer might be “no” unless you have the Ford Escape. Thankfully, if you’re looking for the right model to drive and enjoy, you can visit your local Ford dealer and let the 2020 Ford Escape become the SUV that you want to drive every day. This SUV has dropped weight and allows you to have the added benefits of the safety package you want to enjoy.

Where Are You Driving In Your SUV?

Do you need to take kids to school and activities throughout the week? Are you looking for an SUV that can handle your daily commute and weekly errands? The Ford Escape offers you a comfortable cabin with versatile cargo/passenger room in the rear to make it easy for you to handle all your driving. This model also brings you the benefits of an efficient powertrain to handle your commute, even when you have a long distance to go where you need to during the week. Let the Escape be the SUV you trust for your normal driving needs.

Do You Need Off-Road Capability?

Even though your normal weekly driving might be boring and mundane, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun in the Ford Escape when its time to take a little time away from your daily life. The Ford Escape does offer the benefits of an impressive AWD system that will allow you to head out on the trails and find your way to where the adventure begins. Load up the gear you need and head out to the wilderness to get away from the city life for a little while.

Can You Take a Road Trip in the Ford Escape SUV?

The Ford Escape competes in the compact crossover SUV class, and most of the models in this class are cramped and difficult for you to have the comfort you want for the drive. The Escape has a sliding second-row of seats that can offer you more cargo room when you’re traveling alone or it can slide to the rear to give your passengers more room for their legs. You can tow a small trailer with you and head to the beaches on either side of the country or to a place that’s become your favorite to visit.

Can You be Connected in the Ford Escape SUV?

You’ll find the standard Sync infotainment system which allows you to connect using Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto in base models of the Ford Escape. If you choose a higher trim level you can have the Sync 3 system and add the benefits of the onboard Wi-Fi system that makes it easy for you and your passengers to connect to the internet when you take a drive. Let this SUV be the one that will allow you to have the connectivity you want when you get behind the wheel.

Does the Ford Escape Allow You to Select Your Terrain?

The Ford Escape is offered with a powertrain that offers five different terrain selections for you. This means you can choose the right setting for the slippery road, deep snow, sand, or normal driving conditions and you’ll have the feeling and function that you need when you’re driving. You won’t be left stranded at work when the weather turns foul on you if you own the Ford Escape. As the name says, this SUV will make it possible for you to Escape and head home for the day.

Find Your Escape at Ford

Its time for you to have the right drive and the qualities you want when you’re ready to get out on the roads and take a drive. The Ford Escape is a small SUV that has a lot to offer. Your life can be upgraded when you have a compact SUV that offers the versatility and capability you need and desire. Let the Ford Escape be the right model for you. Visit your nearby Ford dealership and see how this SUV will become the right one for you to have the drive you’re looking for.

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