Your Tax Deduction can Change Lives

Car Donation

Do you have an old vehicle that you want to donate to a worthy organization? Are you looking for a way to enjoy the benefits of an additional tax deduction?
If you haven’t heard of it yet, its time you did, the Newgate School can use your vehicle and offer you the certificate that will make it a tax deduction that you can take advantage of when you file next year. In addition to offering you a reduction in the tax liability you’re faced with, the vehicle you donate to the Newgate School will change the lives of others.

Your Tax Deduction can Grow at the Vehicle Donation Centers

Among the different vehicle donation centers you’ll find, the Newgate School has the chance to make your tax deduction the largest for you. Because this school sells many of the vehicles that are donated, your tax deduction will reflect a higher value when you’re ready to file your taxes next year. The students at this school work to make sure the cars that are sold work right and can offer the new owner years of great driving. You will receive a higher deduction for your taxes than what you would receive if you were to simply sell the car on your own.

Training Programs Make a Difference

Even if the vehicle you donate to the Newgate School isn’t sold, it will be used for the program of the school and make a difference. See the team at the vehicle donation centers of the Newgate School and let them help you understand what your vehicle will be used for. The students of this school could make use of it as part of the training program that helps low-income adults learn a trade and become the next generation of automotive technicians.

Donations Made Easy

Some vehicle donations centers don’t have the requisite certifications to offer the IRS forms and value that you want for your vehicle. Some also don’t have the title professionals to handle the transfer of your vehicle, which makes donating a vehicle more difficult than what it should be. Thankfully, the team at the Newgate School makes this process easy for you and allows you to donate your vehicle and transfer the title with ease. All you need to do is bring your vehicle and the title to the school and they will give you the paperwork you need for your tax filing next year.

Your Donation Changes Lives

When you visit one of the vehicle donation centers of the Newgate School your vehicle is going to change the lives of someone else. The students of this school don’t have to pay any tuition and are trained by highly experienced instructors to learn how to become certified mechanics and automotive technicians. These low-income adults become the professionals that will be some of the technicians you want to turn to when you’re ready to have your car repaired or maintained. Your donation makes their training possible.

Needy Families Need Your Car

The folks at the Newgate School also use cars that are repaired and ready to be sold for a program that provides single mothers with a reliable vehicle to drive and enjoy. The Wheels for Women program allows the team at the Newgate School to fix up an old car and get it ready to be the car that will take a family to the doctor, the mother to work, and allow the family to enjoy the freedom that most of us take for granted. Visit one of the vehicle donation centers and make sure you send your car to the Newgate School.

Newgate Makes it Easy

Whether you’re concerned about the changes in the tax laws or you’re wondering how you can receive the greatest value for the vehicle that you donate, the folks at the Newgate School can help. The car you donate at one of their vehicle donation centers will be used as a vehicle that helps the school make money and continue to offer education for free, as a project car that’s used in the instruction of new automotive professionals, or as a car that will be donated to the Wheels for Women program. Let your car make a difference in someone’s life today.

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