Friday, July 10

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Car Reporters

When we first conceived of the idea of starting Car Reporters, the concept was that we wanted to address some of the unfair opinions being expressed in other publications. The automotive industry has been an easy target for criticism for decades and a good chunk of that criticism is warranted. However, there are other times when it’s clear that people in the media, government, and other interested parties would use the negative sentiment regarding the car business to promote their own agenda.

Then, something happened. Once we started building the site, we realized that it wasn’t about exposing erroneous or unfair things that people were saying about us. Instead, we decided that our best course of action was to take the high road and simply do as the name of the blog implies: report what’s happening in the car business, good or bad. We know that there are things happening at all levels that are negative. We also realize that there is plenty of good happening as a result of the people in the industry that are making positive impacts on the world.

It all started with a desire to show that the industry isn’t nearly as bad as many claim it to be. In the end, we figured we would just have fun, report the news, express opinions, and let the readers determine how they feel about it all. Are we biased? Sure. Will that influence what and how we post? Absolutely not.

Read on and enjoy.

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