What is ‘Project Titan’?

Apple Project Titan

Rumors seem to always surround companies and with the success Silicon Valley has experienced over the past twenty years many rumors come out of the area, many of which are just that, but some lend enough evidence to gain some of our attention. The rumor mill has begun some time ago in a couple different forms involving Tesla and Apple. You might think the two companies would remain separate from each other and not have any competition, but as it seems, Tesla has been poaching Apple employees for some time and Apple has returned the favor to Tesla.

In Silicon Valley a certain amount of turnover is always experienced. The brightest minds in technology are sought after by each company in the area and offers can become hard to turn down, allowing for a great deal of change to take place in many companies, but this recent turnover for Apple and Tesla seems to be much more than normal giving to the idea that Apple may be working on its own car.

That is what project “Titan” really is, the Apple Car. What would a car from Apple be like and give us? That is really hard to tell and with rumors swirling it’s hard to decipher what should be listened to and what should not. It doesn’t seem Apple is planning a self-driving car like the ones Google already has on the roads, but even without the autopilot vehicle Apple could be the right technology company to come up with a new car concept that fits in between what we have now and the self-driver of Google.

Of course if Apple were to create a car there would be the proprietary software suite included and it would be no surprise if Microsoft followed suit. Somehow, the idea that a car project at Apple is an effort of retaliation toward Tesla seems far-fetched, but stranger things have happened. If this were the case, the car would have to be an all-electric vehicle that has a range well over what the Tesla models offer, which would be quite a feat by itself.

Until there is some concrete evidence of the production of a vehicle, project “Titan” will have to remain a rumor. Possibly the car offered by Apple will be similar to the iMove that was developed by a student in 2010 using Apple-like technology and what he thought an Apple based car would be.

As fun as it is to think about what might be and to discuss a rumor, the cars we have today are full of amazing technology, some of this developed by Apple, others in house as some automakers. Regardless of what project “Titan” turns out to be, Apple has a foothold in our world of technology and doesn’t seem to be threatened in any way by Tesla. What might be more interesting to see is a full collaboration between the two companies, but that might not be possible with all the cross-employee poaching, or could it work in both of their favor?

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