Friday, June 18

6 Real-World Uses For the GMC Sierra 1500’s MultiPro Tailgate

Beyond having the largest cargo beds available on any pickup truck, the GMC Sierra 1500 is known for its innovative tailgate. As the world’s first MultiPro Tailgate, this addition provides tons of real-world uses that you can enjoy. The MultiPro Tailgate is essentially two tailgates. The primary gate is hinged to your truck’s bed like any conventional gates. The secondary gate is hinged to the primary gate, which allows for a variety of configurations and uses. Here are six ways you can put your new MultiPro Tailgate to use when you drive a GMC Sierra 1500: 1. Conventional Primary Gate The MultiPro gate can open and close like any other conventional tailgate. Simply press a release button on the tailgate to open and close your gate just like you’d expect. You also have the option o...
The Most Popular Used Three-Row SUVs

The Most Popular Used Three-Row SUVs

Sport Utility Vehicles have been the vehicle of choice for adventure-seeking families for more than half a century. Their practicality can’t be beat, especially when you have to move a lot of people—and all of their gear—from Point A to Point B to Point C, and so on. They also have the advantage over wagons and minivans in that they are versatile enough for back roads and off-road, taking them from commuter/carpool to weekend adventure. Here are some of the most popular used third-row SUVs for shuttling everyone around. Ford Explorer It’s almost impossible to picture an SUV in your mind and not imagine the Ford Explorer. Since the mid-1990s this SUV has been a staple in family driveways because they get the basics right. Plenty of room for seven passengers plus 21 cubic feet of cargo spa...