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Breakdown of the BMW SUV Lineup

BMW makes some of the most compelling and interesting SUVs in the world. The BMW SUV lineup includes nine models with several variations of each. (more…)
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Toyota Previews New Compact Crossover EV

It's no secret that Toyota is one of the slowest automakers to enter the EV industry, which is somewhat ironic since the automaker is largely credited for launching the hybrid industry into the mainstream. Though it started with just the Prius, Toyota now has many hybrid offerings, including the popular Toyota Highlander. But it's taking a back seat when it comes to all-electric models. Toyota bZ4X Struggles With Rollout Toyota recently debuted the bZ4X EV but has struggled with the rollout. EV models accounted for fewer than 1% of Toyota's 5.8 million total car sales through July of this year. However, the automaker hopes it can turn things around with a new compact crossover EV. This smaller SUV might appeal to more consumers as the EV industry heats up. Recently, Toyota has pre...

Best Used SUVs for 2023

The used SUV market is hotter than ever in 2023. With low inventories of new vehicles and high demand for pre-owned options, you’ll want to shop smart for the best deals on a used SUV. The name of the game is finding value and longevity, not to mention finding something that meets your unique personality and budget. From the uber-popular used Toyota RAV4 to Jeep’s adventure-ready Grand Cherokee, read on for an overview of the best used SUVs for 2023. (more…)
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What are the Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

If you're shopping for a used car, truck, or SUV, it’s certainly worth your time, energy, and money to explore the inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles. You'll notice that these models are priced slightly higher than traditional used vehicles, but with this bump in price comes more peace of mind with your used vehicle purchase. Today, we'll take a close look at some of the benefits of buying a certified pre-owned vehicle and why it might be the best choice if you're someone who's nervous about shopping for used cars. (more…)
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