Monday, May 20


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Domino’s Goes Electric with Pizza Delivery

Domino's is a forward-thinking company that made a commitment to having net-zero emissions by 2050. Part of their initiative is to reduce emissions during the delivery process. So, they are going electric. They've ordered 800 Chevy Bolt EVs, and these new delivery vehicles will be on the road by the end of 2023. So why is Dominoes going electric, and why did they choose the Chevy Bolt? Take a look at some of the details of their initiative. Why Go Electric? Electric vehicles such as the Chevy Bolt EV are better for the environment and have lower average maintenance costs than combustion vehicles. They also provide a reduction in fueling costs. Domino's also hopes the transition to electric Chevy delivery vehicles will help recruit new delivery drivers. While they currently hire driv...
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Historically Interesting Engines from GM

Even though the area isn’t open to the public there is a part of the GM Heritage Center that is home to some of the engines that have been developed over the course of the history of this company. With over 100 years already in the books, you can only imagine the number of different engines that are on display in the back corner of the center. These engines are given their due respect by being displayed on stands in the center, and here are a few of the most interesting engines that have been built over the course of the history and are being shown off at this location. (more…)

The Answer for GM Roadside Assistance

As a population, we have become more dependent upon service stations to perform our regular maintenance and the expertise of others when it comes to our vehicle. Unless you’re a mechanic and carry all the tools you need with you wherever you go, getting stuck on the side of the road can be a daunting experience that makes it challenging for you to have the ride you want. We're in evolving times and GM Roadside Assistance is an innovative program designed to take away the panic that may come of a bad situation (more…)
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