Sunday, June 23


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Why the SSR is the Chevy You’ve Never Heard Of

Chevrolet is known for some great vehicles–that pretty much goes without saying. The iconic Corvette comes to mind, or the ever-popular Chevy Tahoe SUV, or even the Chevy Camaro. But even many Chevy fans have probably never heard of the SSR. It was supposed to be a cool, retro vehicle, but in reality, it was heavy, slow, and not really sure what it wanted to be. (more…)

A Look Back; How the Pontiac Fiero Won Our Hearts

In the 1980s the  was a car that many of us loved at first because it was a mid-engined vehicle that offers an easy to live with price, a two seater coupe style and a definitive shape that let you feel like you were actually driving a Ferrari.  In fact the name is somewhat close to Ferrari, if you use your imagination, and the Fiero was meant to be a fiery player in the automotive world that would be a great ride in the back roads of America, which every town and state seemed to have. (more…)
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