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Vehicle Depreciation Works Two Ways

When you buy a new vehicle, if your intention is to be able to sell it and get the most out of it after three years, you’re going to want to make sure you avoid the models on this list. Most vehicles will depreciate at a rate of about 35 percent after three years, but the models on this list have deprecated much more than that which means you can’t expect to have as much in return when you’re ready to trade in the model you’re driving. (more…)
Audi, BMW, Brands, Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen

Vehicle Depreciation Rates Matter

When shopping for a vehicle, take several factors into consideration. If you know you’ll only have it a few years, the vehicle depreciation rate matters. When you lease, the payments you make are applied to the anticipated depreciation of the vehicle, meaning a higher depreciation rate will cause you to have higher payments. The same is true if you’re going to trade in the vehicle after only three years of driving. Here are the vehicles that have the highest depreciation rate for the first three years which should be a factor for you to consider when you’re ready to drive. (more…)

2018 Mercedes-AMG C-Class: Sinister Performance

The stories have been told for many years about characters that have alter-egos. Whether those alter-egos are devilish and evil such as the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde combination or the likes of Peter Parker becoming Spiderman, we’ve become familiar with how these characters can transform to be what they can be deep inside. Mercedes-Benz has turned to their own alter-ego with the AMG performance team to help offer us a full lineup of models that are built to perform the way we want to on the road. The C-Class shows up with a variety of AMG versions including the C 43, C 63, and the C 63 S in order to have the drive you want in a small sedan. (more…)
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2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Superb Luxury You Respect

There’s really no arguing the classic look and the quality that you expect, demand, and receive when you see the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. This is the benchmark of luxury and impressive quality that you can expect to drive and know you’ve found the car that everyone else wants to drive but you get to. There are a variety of variations you can choose from with this car including the classic sedan, the two-door coupe or cabriolet, and the AMG models that add more power and sport for the drive you’re ready to experience on the road. (more…)

The Odd Vehicle That’s sure to be an Instant Classic

Yes, it takes at least a quarter of a century for a vehicle to qualify as a classic model and something built in 2007 feels like it could be just hype because that year feels like it was just yesterday, but let’s take a closer look at what I’m talking about. In 2007, the year before the automotive market dropped like a rock, it seemed like every automaker in the world was clamoring to make something out of nothing and the market was filled with interesting vehicles from all over the world, but one in particular offers us the subject matter of this post. (more…)

The Next Name to be Part of the Pickup Crowd

The truck lineup we have in the US is as strong as it’s ever been and the names we see are familiar. Every so often we have a newcomer to the group that gives us something a bit different, but many times that newcomer isn’t able to last very long because of the competition or because they are a sub brand of a company that already has a strong truck following. Lincoln and Cadillac have both attempted to bring us pickup trucks that were to be luxury models with the guts to get the job done, but truck customers preferred their Fords and Chevys to these other names. (more…)

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE: A New Name for an SUV

The GL nomenclature seems to be the new favorite for Mercedes-Benz and add the E to it lets you know this one is a midsized luxury model.  What this SUV really does is replace the M-Class which has been deleted from the lineup.  The GLE adds an upgraded luxury with a much better interior, improved technology and more choices for the powertrain.  This is an excellent five-seater SUV that will make you want to keep on driving and enjoying the awesome features that are in place, along with the exceptionally responsive driving characteristics that we all love. (more…)

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLA: The Compact Luxury Crossover for You

What seems to be the trend today?  Smaller SUVs that closely resemble cars.  These much smaller SUVs are closer in size to wagons than they are to their own lineup of SUVs that show up on the market.  What makes them attractive to us is the fact we can more easily drive and park these SUVs than the larger ones.  This makes a luxury compact crossover SUV one that is the most attractive to many buyers in the automotive world today.  With that in mind, let’s explore why the GLA will make a great vehicle for you to drive. (more…)
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