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How to Get Luxury Cars for Less

Luxury often comes at a high price, but if you are willing to buy used, you can save money and still get into that luxury vehicle you’ve always wanted. Discontinued models are a good place to start your used car search when you want to find upscale features for less. (more…)
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2022 Acura MDX vs. 2022 Buick Enclave Comparison

Acura and Buick are two of the names we find in the premium market. While this area of the automotive world is pretty small, with most models straddling the line between mainstream and luxury, we do find some impressive vehicles to review. (more…)
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Honda Celebrates the Acura NS-X

What’s significant about Honda and the celebration of the Acura NS-X? This car was considered a concept model thirty years ago and now it happens to be one of the most adored cars ever built. The luxury arm of Honda offered us the Acura NSX as the car that we love to drive and one that’s been called the best sports ever produced by some who review cars for a living. 1989 was a year that we sale five Japanese legends arrive on the market and the NSX is easily one of the most amazing vehicles we’ve ever witnessed. (more…)
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Acura NSX Set To Debut: Already Sold Out

Acura has really done their market right, giving the public a taste here and there of what the NSX will be and hinting at its overall performance value. By teasing and toying with the public, Acura has successfully launched a campaign with the NSX that shows it as a car that already been sought after with great fervor even though the real details haven’t been released yet. The proof of this clamoring shows up with the fact that car has already sold out of all its preorders in the UK giving the NSX an already successful start to its existence. The NSX has been shown to be the next generation of supercars from Acura and offers a highly sporty and stylish exterior that will easily make anyone swoon when they see this car on the road. With very few actual details about the car and only ...
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