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Honda Celebrates the Acura NS-X

Honda Celebrates the Acura NS-X

What’s significant about Honda and the celebration of the Acura NS-X? This car was considered a concept model thirty years ago and now it happens to be one of the most adored cars ever built. The luxury arm of Honda offered us the Acura NSX as the car that we love to drive and one that’s been called the best sports ever produced by some who review cars for a living. 1989 was a year that we sale five Japanese legends arrive on the market and the NSX is easily one of the most amazing vehicles we’ve ever witnessed.

Looking Back at Honda

In 1984, Honda made its return to Formula One as an engine supplier for the Spirit team and for the second Williams chassis in the final race of the season. This event marked a time for Honda to make the decision to build a production car that placed the engine behind the cabin and be the one that would show off the engineering prowess of Honda. This new sports car would become the halo car for the Acura brand that hadn’t been launched at that time. The first test vehicle was built on the bones of the Honda Jazz in February 1984.

Creating the NS-X Concept

Honda brought the NS-X Concept model to the Chicago Drake Hotel in February 1989 to give us a look at this new red car that offered the style and build we wanted to see. The engine offered the 8,000-rpm redline and a build that offers an all-aluminum monocoque. The name for this car stood for “New Sport” with the X being a placeholder that was originally meant for numbers to be part of the name. As you know, the NSX has lived on with this name for thirty years and it has become synonymous with a sports car from one of our favorite luxury brands.

Moving Forward with the NSX

Honda celebrates thirty years of excellence with this sports car and made its way back to Chicago to show us the anniversary celebration. There was a panel discussion that was hosted with some of the writers that were around to review the first Honda NS-X Concept models in 1989. Today we know this car as a sleek and powerful supercar that captures our imagination and offers a modern feeling on the roads and tracks that we love to drive.

Is it Time for You to Join the Celebration?

There’s sure to be more offered in regards to the NSX reaching thirty years on the market. Visit your nearby Honda or Acura dealerships and let them help you join the fun of discussing how this amazing car came to be and what it represents on the market today. You’re going to be amazed by the NSX and what it offers in terms of balance, power, agility, and drivability when you get behind the wheel. Thirty years later, the NSX is still one of the most incredible cars ever created by Honda.

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