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Top 5 Used Compact Cars

Despite the crossover craze, there is still a certain segment of buyers who prefer to drive cars. Compact cars offer the benefits of good fuel economy and easy maneuverability in urban environments. The other thing that compact cars have going for them is affordability. You can usually pick up a brand-new compact car for around $20,000. When you look at the used market, the cars become even more affordable. For example, a 2019 used Honda Fit will generally run under $20,000. (more…)
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When Fun Meets Efficiency

When we buy a car we normally need it to be the right vehicle for every driving situation we run into. In some cases this is just fine, but if you really want a car that is fun on the road with the curve hugging ability to take on any challenge thrown at it but you also want to be able to drive this car on a daily basis that severely limits your choices. This list is a group of cars that are all a lot of fun to drive, with some of the best technology and performance for you to enjoy, and they all will deliver more than thirty mpg for you to enjoy the drive every day. (more…)
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Hatchbacks that Go Farther

If the price of a gallon of gasoline ever made it back down to the price it was in the 1970s or even the early ‘80s we might never worry about fuel mileage again, but because that price continues to be as much or more than a gallon of milk, one of the most common questions dealers get for vehicles is “What is the gas mileage?”  Gas mileage is measures under ideal driving and vehicle conditions; which mean you need to maintain your new car, truck, or SUV properly and drive at least somewhat conservatively in order to benefit from decent gas mileage. (more…)
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