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5 Used Cars That Can Get You Luxury for Much Less
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5 Used Cars That Can Get You Luxury for Much Less

Maybe your love for high-end luxury cars started when you watched James Bond films. Or perhaps you want to drive something more engaging and comfortable. If you promised yourself you would one day drive a fine luxury vehicle, here are five used cars that deliver plenty of extravagance at a surprisingly affordable price. (more…)
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How to Get Luxury Cars for Less

Luxury often comes at a high price, but if you are willing to buy used, you can save money and still get into that luxury vehicle you’ve always wanted. Discontinued models are a good place to start your used car search when you want to find upscale features for less. (more…)
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Will You Drive the Cadillac Escalade?

One of the most famous vehicles that you can choose for your drive is the Cadillac Escalade. This big luxury SUV brings an attitude of sophistication to any setting while giving you the capability you need to do what you want to. While the Escalade isn’t perfect, it does offer the size and package that could make the drive right for you. Let’s take a look at some reason for and against driving this big SUV. (more…)
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Historically Interesting Engines from GM

Even though the area isn’t open to the public there is a part of the GM Heritage Center that is home to some of the engines that have been developed over the course of the history of this company. With over 100 years already in the books, you can only imagine the number of different engines that are on display in the back corner of the center. These engines are given their due respect by being displayed on stands in the center, and here are a few of the most interesting engines that have been built over the course of the history and are being shown off at this location. (more…)
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The Cadillac CTS Sedan is Perfect Comfort for You

You want to drive a midsize sedan that can give you the comfort and pleasure that makes driving more enjoyable for you when you head out on the road. This means you need a car thatcomes with the luxury qualities and the driving prowess that will enhance your experience. The Cadillac CTS sedan is a car that brings you this feeling when you get ready to take a drive. This sedan brings you the features you want, a powerful drive, and the items that will ensure you can make driving right on the road. (more…)
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The Cadillac CTS-V is the Right American Luxury Car

The 2019 Cadillac CTS-V is the car that continues to be the American luxury car that gives us everything we want when we drive on the road. Luxury used to mean more comfortable and larger to give you more room to stretch out. In the past couple of decades, luxury has changed to mean that you need to have an engaging experience on the road and a sport version of the car as part of the lineup. The Cadillac CTS-V is a car that’s comfortable performing on a track to give you the speed you’ve been after. (more…)
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Affordability in a Used SUV

Have you been looking for the right used SUV to drive? Do you want to enjoy a model that has the capability to carry your family and their gear? Do you want to sit up higher and have an easy ride? If so, you need to look for a used SUV model that can be right for you on the road. Even if your budget is only $20,000, you can find some great choices when you’re shopping for the SUV that’s going to carry you and your family where you need to go, here are a few you could choose from. (more…)
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