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Ferrari’s New SUV: The Purosangue

Just because everyone else is doing it; well, maybe Ferrari should as well. This boutique sportscar company is building an SUV called the Ferrari Purosangue. (more…)
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2017 Ferrari 488 GTB: A Work of Art

When it’s time for you to drive your dream car the brand of Ferrari is one that you can certainly consider as a brand you’ve admired for decades and always wanted to drive. If this is the brand you’re looking to choose, the Ferrari 488 GTB or Spider are two excellent choices you can make to have the drive you’ve been looking for. This car is one that’s offered with a seductive exterior and every aspect of the driving you want to have when you’re ready to have an amazing way to enjoy the track and the ability to show off the way you want. (more…)

2016 Ferrari F12berlinetta: The Must-Have Sports Car

Have you made a bucket list lately? If you aren’t familiar with this process it’s a list of things you want to do, see, experience and enjoy before you die. While the idea is morbid enough many of us think about this at times and if driving an exotic Italian sports car is on your list the right choice to have the greatest experience is the Ferrari F12berlinetta. This car is the height of Ferrari sports car engineering and precision to give you the exacting feel you want and the amazing drive that is perfect for you to enjoy. Add this car to your list and all your dreams inside a sports car can be fulfilled. (more…)
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Police Cars that Can Really Keep Up

It’s been a constant battle for many years all over the world for the Police Force to continually have cars that are built to chase down the fastest of criminals as well as offer the protection needed of any of the men or women in blue to stay as protected as they can. In many ways the Police have gained a serious advantage and several of them now have such cool cars to drive many of us would love to be able to take a ride in one, which unfortunately means being arrested, but it might just be worth it to be allowed to see what the Police have done to upgrade already awesome vehicles. Typically and what we are used to is a long line of Fords for the Police to drive, but many of them are stepping up the game to Hummers and Land Rovers that are capable of rolling over many off pavement...
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