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Ferrari’s New SUV: The Purosangue

Ferrari's New SUV: The Purosangue

Just because everyone else is doing it; well, maybe Ferrari should as well. This boutique sportscar company is building an SUV called the Ferrari Purosangue.

As you would expect, the Ferrari team was the most stubborn and last to the party, but the new SUV coming from them could be magnificent. If Lamborghini and Aston Martin didn’t make SUVs, Ferrari probably wouldn’t either, but the world demands these high-performance brands to give us something family-oriented while maintaining the powerful qualities we associate with their names. What will this prancing horse SUV offer when it hits the market?

The Pure Blood SUV that’s 100 Percent Ferrari

The promises made by the Ferrari CEO lead us into the meaning behind the name Purosangue. This name is Italian for “pure blood” and it’s not a reference to the Harry Potter novels. This is a hint at this SUV being a true Ferrari, while being large enough for a family of five to take a ride. Confidently, the brand expects this SUV to exceed customers’ expectations, but that could be hard to do. With the Ferrari logo on this SUV, our expectations are pretty high; will this new vehicle deliver?

We’re Here for All of the Speculation and Spy Shots

The spy shots that have shown up for the new Purosangue show us a vehicle that should take things in a different direction than what the Lamborghini Urus offers. The Urus is a more traditional SUV with amazing power and performance. We expect the Ferrari SUV to be lower to the ground, sleeker, and more like a wagon. If it gets too close to the ground, it might not make it out of the wagon class and into the SUV market, but there’s probably not much chance of that. The variety of SUVs that offer different shapes and low-slung builds makes it easy for an automaker to call a hatchback an SUV these days.

The Only V12 Left in the Market

The V12 engine is one of the most iconic power plants in the industry and it will be part of the upcoming Ferrari Purosangue. This makes the SUV an unmistakable Ferrari right from the start. The brand confirmed the idea that this SUV will have the V12. This engine will be a way for the Ferrari SUV to be different from the rest. Didn’t Ferrari get the memo that the auto industry is going with smaller engines with hybrid or electric powertrains? We certainly hope they have not received this news yet.

Ok, They’ll Give us a V8 Too

Not all buyers of the new Ferrari SUV will desire a big, stonkin’ V12 under the hood. Because of that fact, a twin-turbocharged V8 engine will also be offered for this SUV. That means those looking for a vehicle wearing the prancing horse badge but with more sensibilities, the V8 will bet he right option. This won’t be the first time Ferrari offered both a V12 and V8 in a vehicle. The GTC4Lusso offers these options. Eventually, we expect the Purosangue to also offer a hybrid model to bring more efficiency to the market.

They’ll Do It, Kicking and Screaming, but They’ll Do It

New vehicles almost all have to have an electrified plan. Thus is the way of the future automotive world. Ferrari does not want to embrace electrification in their vehicles, but they also understand they must use electric powertrains to survive. Sometime in the future, the Ferrari Purosangue will be an EV. That’s likely going to be the story with every Ferrari offered after a specified date, but this SUV could be the first to become a full EV, allowing the sports cars to continue on with gasoline engines for a time.

All-Wheel Drive is Expected

If Ferrari wants to meet or exceed our expectations, one of the ways to do this is with AWD included in the new Purosangue. Thankfully, Ferrari has used AWD in every model since the FF was released more than a decade ago. That means its not a stretch to think that the Purosangue, which is an SUV, should also have grip and power at all four wheels. We’re not sure if the complicated AWD system used in the FF and GTC4Lusso will be in the Purosangue or not, but it certainly could be.

The Purosangue is a Crossover

This is one of those times when you can slap your forehead and know that we’re playing a bit of “Captain Obvious” with you. Of course, the Ferrari Purosangue will be a crossover. Did this brand suddenly begin building body-on-frame trucks to run around Italy? No, they have not. We aren’t sure which platform will underpin the new Purosangue, but the Ferrari Roma is a good choice. This platform is fairly flexible which could offer enough room for the new SUV. Of course, the platform will need to be stretched to offer the right wheelbase, but the front end could offer some of the same dimensions.

Why is Ferrari Making the Purosangue?

There’s a simple answer to this question. This new SUV will arrive to boost profits for the company. When Lamborghini offered the Urus, sales soared, profits rose, and those increases fed the performance car side of the brand. Ferrari hopes to have the same success with this new SUV. This new high-riding family vehicle could become the foundation that enables Ferrari to continue building some of the most iconic supercars in the world. Without this new revenue stream, this brand might not survive much longer.

Mark Your Calendars

If you’re wondering when we’ll see the Ferrari Purosangue, the date is set. Well, at least the month is set for the official debut of this new SUV. This Ferrari SUV will make its official appearance sometime in September to give us a look at everything it offers. So far, all we’ve been graced with is a teaser image of the front of the SUV, but that’s an expected way to capture our attention.

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