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Have you Heard of The Kia TikTok Challenge?

have-you-heard-of-the-kia-challenge-kia-featuredThe internet can be an amazing place, but sometimes viral trends and challenges, like those on TikTok, can influence people to try dangerous things and even cause harm.

The Dangers of TikTok Trends

The most popular internet platform is Tik Tok, and with a plethora of trendy dances, how-tos, funny clips, and memes, it holds the possibility to foster unethical and dangerous challenges. To date, there have been countless challenges on TikTok and other social platforms that have caused serious injuries or even death among children and teenagers.

This most recent challenge, the “Kia Challenge,” encourages Tik Tok users to turn on Kia vehicles with USB cords. Of course, this has led to many thefts and incidents of vandalism. Concerned users and parents are calling for all related content to be reported to Tik Tok, but it’s not clear if doing so will slow the challenge’s headway or just make it more popular.

What Started the Kia Challenge?

In this latest challenge, users are urged to either steal or vandalize Kia cars by turning them on with USB cords. Now that we know what the issue is let’s take a look at how the trend started, and then we can get into where it’s going.

In early July, a user named @robbierayyy showcased how to turn on a Kia vehicle by using a USB cord. This led to the challenge’s inception, causing nationwide concern. This video was the first of many to come, and users seemed to take the challenge one step further each time in an attempt to receive more views, likes, and followers.

The challenge, which was never a good thing, to begin with for many Tik Tok users, has led to real-life consequences. Theft and vandalism are just the tip of the iceberg in this challenge. There are too many variables to consider, and as long as this challenge continues, people’s lives are at risk.

Recently, as reported on Fox 59, an Indiana resident named Alissa Smart had her vehicle broken into. The ones responsible had smashed her window, gotten inside, and attempted to hotwire her car as part of this devious challenge. Luckily the people responsible took off running as soon as someone walked out of her house to see what was happening.

How to Stop this Challenge

For this to end, Tik Tok is urging its users to report any content relating to the Kia Challenge. On TikTok, videos can be recorded by identifying the flag icon attached to the video. Tik Tok hopes they can cut down on the number of views this challenge receives, therefore causing the challenge to lose popularity. It is also possible to report the user responsible for posting such content. This may cause the challenge to lose traction, ultimately killing the challenge and keeping those with Kia cars safe.

If you own a Kia vehicle and are concerned about something happening to you, visit your local Kia dealership and ask what precaution you may be able to take. The important thing right now is to stay safe and make sure people aren’t tempted to steal or vandalize Kia cars now or in the future.

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