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Revving Up or Slowing Down? Unveiling the June 2023 Used Car Price Rollercoaster
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Revving Up or Slowing Down? Unveiling the June 2023 Used Car Price Rollercoaster

The used car market is America’s bread and butter, but lately, the industry has been bumpier than an old rollercoaster. As things stand, it is a little bit complicated. Used car prices are going up and going down at the same time. How can that be possible? It all boils down to timing and brand. While some brands are still struggling to get lower prices, others are dropping like flies on a hot June afternoon. Used car consumers, both those who are looking to sell and buy, should know the current trends. Surprisingly, it is not just about brands but types of cars too. For example, the price of wagon cars is going down right now, but the price of convertibles is going up. Based on current trends, if you are looking for a family car, now might be a good time to buy, but if you are lo...
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5 Used Cars That Can Get You Luxury for Much Less

Maybe your love for high-end luxury cars started when you watched James Bond films. Or perhaps you want to drive something more engaging and comfortable. If you promised yourself you would one day drive a fine luxury vehicle, here are five used cars that deliver plenty of extravagance at a surprisingly affordable price. (more…)
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The Tesla Model 3 Continues a Tradition of Quickness

The Tesla Model 3 was a game changer in the EV market, and it continues to impress. In the past, the only benefit you received for an EV was the saving of fuel money in favor of electric power, but these vehicles were slow, plodding, and only the most committed environmentalist would choose them for the drive. Tesla changed this with the Model S and continues to make sure we have excellent models to drive with the new Model 3. The Model S is considered to be one of the quickest cars on the road for the past few years and now that we’ve seen a video of the Model 3 running a quarter-mile in 13.3-seconds at 104 mph, we can discuss cars that are slower than the Model 3. (more…)

F-Type: The Sound and Drive You Love

When you hear the Jaguar F-Type roaring down the road you might wonder if you’ve stepped into a movie during a high-speed car chase because the sound is perfect with its deep, bellowing, and sonorous note. Once you see the car make its way to where you’re located, you’re going to have a hard time not experience some form of whiplash as the driver of this gorgeous machine races past you on the road. The F-Type is one of the most amazing cars ever built and Jaguar has proudly offered us a few of the trims that could be a lot of fun for you to drive. (more…)
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Will it be or Won’t it be?

Whether that’s a mock of Shakespeare’s famous quote or simply a happy accident is hard for me to determine but the subject today is whether or not a car will become a classic in several years.  Typically a classic car has to be at least 25 years old, but for the interest of a real classic it also has be to be one that is desirable and brings a bit of charm form the era it was made in.  With cars these days made almost to be disposable after a few years it’s interesting to discuss whether or not some are meant to become classics.  Someday our future generations will be able to say “they sure don’t make them like they did in 2015 anymore”; let’s look at some vehicle they might be talking about. (more…)
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When You still Want to Shift

For many years the idea of driving a sports car with an automatic transmission was laughable.  These transmissions were capable of taking the shifting off our plates but couldn’t give us the fuel mileage we would get from a manual and certainly couldn’t give us the performance we desired.  That has all changed and now more cars are fitted with automatics than ever before because they are now made to deliver better fuel mileage and certainly can shift faster and smoother than we can ourselves.  Even with that thought, if you want to enjoy a manual transmission and handle the shifting duties yourself, here are twenty cars that still allow you to do so. (more…)
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Police Cars that Can Really Keep Up

It’s been a constant battle for many years all over the world for the Police Force to continually have cars that are built to chase down the fastest of criminals as well as offer the protection needed of any of the men or women in blue to stay as protected as they can. In many ways the Police have gained a serious advantage and several of them now have such cool cars to drive many of us would love to be able to take a ride in one, which unfortunately means being arrested, but it might just be worth it to be allowed to see what the Police have done to upgrade already awesome vehicles. Typically and what we are used to is a long line of Fords for the Police to drive, but many of them are stepping up the game to Hummers and Land Rovers that are capable of rolling over many off pavement...
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