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Luxury or Value: An In-Depth Look at Hyundai and Genesis
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Luxury or Value: An In-Depth Look at Hyundai and Genesis

Hyundai started production in 1967, focusing on value and reliability for budget-minded buyers with models like the Pony subcompact that became popular options at every Hyundai dealership around the world. Over decades, Hyundai grew through joint ventures and acquisitions. By the 2000s, the brand improved quality and design substantially with new models like the Genesis luxury sedan. This culminated with the 2015 launch of the Genesis premium brand. (more…)
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We Want the Genesis Coupe Back; Will We Get It?

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe was first introduced to us in 2010. This sports car blended the best that Genesis had to offer with a sporty flair to give us a car that you had to drive. The Genesis was so popular and impressive that Hyundai used the name to create the new luxury brand and with that development, the Genesis Coupe disappeared. While we can certainly admire the style, luxury, and quality of the three cars in the Genesis lineup, none of them are coupes that can give us the pure sport we’ve been longing for. (more…)
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Hyundai Might be Stealing the Show

The New York Auto Show is right around the corner and it’s where we should see some more interesting unveilings from a variety of automakers from around the world. The entire Hyundai Group has plans to give us a look at something that we haven’t seen in the past from each of the three brands that make up this family of automotive brands that we know and admire. This means we’re going to see something new from Genesis, Hyundai, and Kia which should be exciting. (more…)

The Genesis G70 Starts Raking in the Awards

When Hyundai decided to create a luxury brand and give it the Genesis name, it created a personality and admiration that we want to enjoy on the road. Those of us who remember driving the Hyundai Genesis models of the past, know that the Genesis was a car that had the sporty personality coupled with the luxury features desired. While the new Genesis brand showed up with two retooled models from the Hyundai lineup, their newest addition is a luxury sports sedan that makes a huge impression and is the first car completely developed for Genesis. (more…)

The Genesis Brand is Off to a Great Start

It’s that time and it’s an exciting time. We finally get what Hyundai has promised us for the past several months, a new luxury brand that will now be known as the Genesis brand and replace the Genesis car entirely. The reason we now have this brand is because the Genesis was popular and one of the most impressive cars for several years, which now will be the perfect name for the brand that will be the first Korean luxury arm we have seen on our market. So, what did Genesis bring us to enjoy? (more…)
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