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Incredible Vehicles That Seamlessly Transform into Campers on a Dime

Owning a camper is a luxury that not everyone can afford. Thankfully, there are cheaper options that make vehicle camping a realistic possibility. If you have an off-road capable SUV or truck, there are camper attachments you can get to easily turn your vehicle into a recreational dream. If you’re on a budget, check out this list of vehicles and overland accessories that can easily become an affordable camper for all your future adventures. (more…)

Santa Claus Sleigh Fun From Dodge

The newest version of the Dodge SRT Hellcat is the Redeye edition that offers an amazing amount of power to be the muscle car that you want to drive. This car is the subject of an advertising campaign that includes Santa from Dodge that allows us to see the car as more than what it actually is. While we know the Redeye as one of the fastest production cars on the market and certainly a car that brings you more power for the money than any other on the road, it seems to be the reason for a miracle. Santa and His Sleigh We tell our children and watch commercials and movies during the holiday season that depict Santa Claus and his ability to make it around the globe to visit every child in the world in one night. While this tale is one that’s been told many times over and handed down from g...

More Power Equals Faster Race Times in the Challenger

One of the most talked about cars on the market today is the Dodge Challenger. Ever since FCA put a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine under the hood of the Challenger and called it a Hellcat we’ve been in awe of this car. The first offering of this model is called the Hellcat and it’s able to offer us as much as 707 horsepower in order to give us the power we want for the ride at the track or on the road. This was the crown jewel of the Dodge lineup until it was improved upon and it is ready to race. (more…)
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