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2016 Dodge Grand Caravan: The Stalwart of the Minivan World

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan: The Stalwart of the Minivan World

One of the first minivans that caught the attention of the world continues to be a fantastic performer on the market.  The Dodge Grand Caravan has been giving families what they want for many years including the Stow ‘n Go seating to allow for added storage or a place for the seats to go when they are not being used and the van is needed for carrying some cargo.  Not only do you see some great interior features and clean lines on the outside but the price for the Grand Caravan has always been part of why we love it so much. (more…)
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When Performance Matters

Most of the time we spend behind the wheel of a car what actually matters to us is the features we can make use of on our dull and boring drive to and from work each day.  When faced with this type of driving we don’t typically need performance from our car, just the ability to enjoy the drive in some fashion.  At other times, such as when you schedule some track time or want to take a drive in the country, performance really does matter and you want to have a great performance car to give you the fun and engaged driving experience to make your ride one that you can really take pleasure in.  When you want a great performance car for these drives, consider these and find the car that will excite you: (more…)
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Will it be or Won’t it be?

Whether that’s a mock of Shakespeare’s famous quote or simply a happy accident is hard for me to determine but the subject today is whether or not a car will become a classic in several years.  Typically a classic car has to be at least 25 years old, but for the interest of a real classic it also has be to be one that is desirable and brings a bit of charm form the era it was made in.  With cars these days made almost to be disposable after a few years it’s interesting to discuss whether or not some are meant to become classics.  Someday our future generations will be able to say “they sure don’t make them like they did in 2015 anymore”; let’s look at some vehicle they might be talking about. (more…)
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Classic Power from the Challenger

The new version of the Dodge Challenger made its first appearance in 2008 and for one particular model there have been little to no changes over the last seven years.  Of course calling this a new version only means its modern since the Challenger in this style is truly a throwback to the Challenger of old that went by the wayside for so many years only to reemerge and bring back a style that we love to see and is a lot of fun to drive.  The one Challenger that has not changed over the past seven years has been the 5.7L R/T manual model. (more…)
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What You Drive Matters

No matter what your station in life is your ride is an important part of your image.  As you get older and your responsibility grows with a spouse, children, pets and even the need to have versatility in your vehicle along with space what you really don’t want to do is sacrifice performance for practicality.  In order to keep from feeling as if you have to give up the performance you deserve and desire over the practicality you want the best choice you can make is a vehicle that balances the two out for you.  Here we have ten vehicles that offer both top performance and the practicality you need to keep your image up when it comes to your ride. (more…)
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How Much Bang Can You Get for the Buck? (Pt 1)

When we buy vehicles, those of us who are car enthusiasts want to know how much horsepower can be had for the money we spend. This is the statistic that we are looking for and want answered even before the performance numbers are discussed. Most of us are also on some form of a budget for our car purchases and give us the ability to buy the most car we can get for the money. Here is what you can buy in a variety of horsepower categories along with the prices you should expect to pay. (more…)
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Where is Dodge Headed?

To know the answer to this particular question it might be better if we explore where Dodge has been and then discuss where it is headed. For 100 years Dodge has been a brand of confusion about most things except the ideal they want to push hard to be the leader in whatever they are doing, but that is where the confusion comes in. Dodge has given us strong and powerful muscle cars, has had cars that were designed specifically for women, offered awesome pickup trucks, branded some of the best family haulers around and even remade some Japanese compacts in the name of offering the vehicles that America wants and is trying to have in their driveway. Unfortunately because of this muddled history, Dodge has been more of a chic brand for many years and other than the Ram Trucks (now a sep...
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2015 Dodge Journey Crossover Specs

Dodge has been a powerhouse in the Sports Utility Vehicle market for decades. With the popular Durango being a popular namesake and favorite SUV, Dodge has done it again with the 2015 Dodge Journey Crossover. Journey comes with seven trim levels: American Value Package, SE, SXT, SXT Plus, Crossroad, Limited, and R/T and provides plenty of options for everyone depending upon their lifestyles and needs. Journey has a starting MSRP of $20,295 and ranges on up to $30,895. On the 2015 Journey Crossover, you can expect to find plenty of details on the exterior. Eight colors are available, as well as sculpted front fenders flares, distinctive front fascia, crosshair grille, ring of fire LED taillamps, 8-wheel options to choose from, roof rack, and heated mirrors. Journey offers plenty of u...
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Viper is going from Concept to Creation

Viper fans everywhere can rejoice as Dodge announced recently their plans to take the Viper ACR concept car to production for the 2016 model year. This is the natural progression for the car as the current version has been setting track records all over the world and it’s time for the next step to be taken by Dodge with the Viper. With this approval and plan to enter the 2016 model year with the ACR model, Dodge faces some scrutiny regarding the time and the sales of the current version of the Viper. This scrutiny is a result of the sluggish sales the current Viper has experienced, bringing to mind the question of why would a new Viper be up for the production line with the current version performing, from a sales point of view, so poorly. The answer is Dodge plans to use the new AC...
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