Thursday, July 25


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The Future of Supercars is Electrifying: The Honda NSX Is Coming

An all-new supercar is in development and not only will it be sleeker and more powerful than ever, it will have an all-electric powertrain. Honda and Acura have been hinting about the Honda NSX supercar for years, and it finally seems to be in the works. Now, like with most other supercars, you probably won't see it sitting on the lot alongside the Integra or MDX, at your Honda or Acura dealer, but it will be available for sale sometime in the future. (more…)
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3 Used Hybrid Sedans That Help You be Environmentally-Friendly on a Budget

Everybody wants to reduce air pollution, but that can be very hard when you also need transportation for jobs, important shopping, and family visits. Electric cars are on the rise, but so are their prices - does that mean there’s no other cost-effective option for travel—just a gas-powered car or a person-powered bicycle? Fortunately, there is another option - hybrid sedans! Cheaper than all-electric vehicles but able to give you better gas mileage and a reduced carbon footprint simultaneously. Now you just have to figure out what hybrid to buy. (more…)
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Top 5 SUVs for Tons of Space

If you are a family that is in need of storage space when you are on the road, these are 5 SUVs you’ll want to check out. From the all-new Ford Explorer to the well-loved Honda Pilot, these are SUVs that were made for you and all your gear. (more…)
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