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Minivan Driving Excellence in the Chrysler Pacifica

There are many reasons to choose a minivan when you have a family. While there are fewer models in this class than before, you can still enjoy the versatility, safety, affordability, and quality of a great minivan when you choose the Chrysler Pacifica. This van is one that brings you the advanced features you often don’t expect to have when you get behind the wheel. You’ll be pleased to have the comfort, roominess, and easy access to the features and items that will make you smile when you take your family for a drive. (more…)
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Vehicle Depreciation Works Two Ways

When you buy a new vehicle, if your intention is to be able to sell it and get the most out of it after three years, you’re going to want to make sure you avoid the models on this list. Most vehicles will depreciate at a rate of about 35 percent after three years, but the models on this list have deprecated much more than that which means you can’t expect to have as much in return when you’re ready to trade in the model you’re driving. (more…)
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Vehicle Depreciation Rates Matter

When shopping for a vehicle, take several factors into consideration. If you know you’ll only have it a few years, the vehicle depreciation rate matters. When you lease, the payments you make are applied to the anticipated depreciation of the vehicle, meaning a higher depreciation rate will cause you to have higher payments. The same is true if you’re going to trade in the vehicle after only three years of driving. Here are the vehicles that have the highest depreciation rate for the first three years which should be a factor for you to consider when you’re ready to drive. (more…)
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Big Money and Big Moves for FCA

For the past few years, FCA has been the automotive group that we’ve looked at as missing out on the profits and the success that have been enjoyed by some of the other automakers in the industry. As a direct competitor in the US with Ford and GM, FCA is looked at as the third of the Detroit Big Three to make it one that has to be able to compete. When you look at what FCA offers for the driving experience, you might think they are having troubles financially, and that was true until the past couple of years. (more…)
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Best on the Road: Minivan Edition

The minivan has gotten a bad reputation over the past twenty years. New moms look at them in horror, as if they’re the very representation of their forgotten footloose and fancy-free days. Some dads view them as the physical manifestation of their emasculation. However, minivans aren’t the bad guys they’re made out to be. They’re super spacious and incredibly practical, and not in a bad way. These bad boys can haul A LOT of stuff. They’re also oddly comfortable, in an “am I on the couch or in the car” type of way. What many families are quickly discovering, is that once you go minivan, you never go back. (more…)

Chrysler Knows We Love Our Technology

There’s something to be said for the advances made in technology over the years. Many times over we’ve seen vehicles that offer more than previous models and every year it seems like there’s a new piece of tech that makes it so we can be even more connected than ever. Because we tend to admire tech and the capabilities we can enjoy when improvements are made, it only makes sense for us to admire the Chrysler Pacifica minivan because it’s one of the most technologically advanced minivans that have ever come to the market. (more…)
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Worst Automakers of 2016

While we put a concerted effort to creating lists of great accomplishments in the automotive world there are some instances when looking at those who prowl the bottom of the industry are worth the time and effort. Using information from Consumer Reports, automakers are judged based upon the lineup by ranking road test scores, predicted reliability, safety and owner satisfaction scores. With this information an educated ranking of the worst automakers can be accomplished, showing you what automakers have work to do to make it out of the basement and become one of the leaders in the industry, which some of these names have been in the past. (more…)
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