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The G7 Summit Offers Affordable Chrysler Models for Buyers

The G7 Summit Offers Affordable Chrysler Models for Buyers

The G7 Summit was held over the summer and the Canadian government purchased a large number of Chrysler 300C models being offered for sale.

Whenever an event such as a Summit meeting is held, the federal government of the country will purchase several vehicles that are offered to give a ride to those that need to get around the area. Visiting dignitaries and their support staff need to have vehicles at their disposal and these cars should be near the top of the trim levels for a brand.

A Fantastic Opportunity for a Chrysler

The Chrysler 300C is a car that offers you more of the comfort and driving qualities that you want from this car. As the top trim level of the model, this is a car that feels like an executive suite on the road. If you’re interested in receiving an excellent deal on a lightly used model, you’ll want to take a ride up to Canada and visit the Quebec area to purchase one or more of these models. This could be a great opportunity for a used car dealership or an individual interested in a classy ride.

Why the Purchase?

With the short period of time that the G7 Summit or any Summit takes, you might think it would be more affordable for a government to rent or lease vehicles rather than purchase them. Strangely enough, the 600 brand new cars that were bought came cheaper than renting or leasing them would have. The bulk price for these cars came to $23 million CAD and only about $6.3 million has been recouped so far with 167 models being sold. These models are official-looking black on black Chrysler 300C models with tinted windows that make them look amazing.

Pricing the Model You Want to Drive

The starting bid price of the multiple Chrysler 300C models offered is $25,343 Canadian. Most of these cars have barely over 1,000 miles on the odometer. If you were to purchase these cars new, without the motorcade modifications on them, the price would be over $42,000, making these cars a seriously discounted offering. There are also a few Chevrolet Suburban models being sold which are offered with a minimum bid of $53,428, and these models are loaded up, have low mileage, and are packaged with 4WD to make them capable.

Several Other G7 Models being Offered

You can find a few bulk deals on the cars that were purchased for the G7 Summit as well. There’s a five-car pack of police-spec Dodge Chargers that are on the auction block for a minimum bid of $133,000. Other models include the Toyota Sienna minivans and SUVs that include models of the Ford Escape, Mitsubishi Outlander, and Dodge Journey. Of course, the star of the group is the Chrysler 300C which is the elegant and sophisticated car that feels like an executive luxury sedan on the road. If you’re interested in these cars and want to make the ride across the border to find what you want to drive, check out this link.

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