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2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport: Affordable Off-Road Ruggedness
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2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport: Affordable Off-Road Ruggedness

When you think of the Land Rover brand you typically don’t think about affordability, but the Discovery Sport model is one that makes it possible for you to have a luxury SUV to drive that’s priced where you can easily pay for it. As a model that starts at a price below $40,000 for you to have the base model to drive, the Discovery Sport can give you the items you’re looking for and the qualities you want for the drive on and off the road that’s perfect for you. (more…)
Land Rover

2017 Land Rover Range Rover Sport: Off Road Luxury Fit for Royalty

The size and luxury of the Range Rover Sport gives you the impressive style and features you want to enjoy on the road and on the trails. When you see the Land Rover brand you know this SUV is one that’s perfect for the ride and full of awesome luxury for you to have the ride you’re looking for. The Range Rover Sport is the SUV that gives you more precision and high quality materials for the comfortable ride when you want the very best to take you to the trails and into the wilderness. (more…)
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Worst Automakers of 2016

While we put a concerted effort to creating lists of great accomplishments in the automotive world there are some instances when looking at those who prowl the bottom of the industry are worth the time and effort. Using information from Consumer Reports, automakers are judged based upon the lineup by ranking road test scores, predicted reliability, safety and owner satisfaction scores. With this information an educated ranking of the worst automakers can be accomplished, showing you what automakers have work to do to make it out of the basement and become one of the leaders in the industry, which some of these names have been in the past. (more…)
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Climb to the Top of the Mountain in the 2016 Land Rover Range Rover

When you are looking for a vehicle that does it all for you the Range Rover is the right choice.  Are you looking to make an impression?  Do you want to show off to your friends and family?  What about having the best overall off road features and a rugged vehicle than can handle any terrain?  Yes, the Land Rover Range Rover can handle all of these things and give you a ride that is comfortable and compliant on the road as well as off the road.  Even though most who buy this exceptional SUV will never take it off road, this is one vehicle that truly can go anywhere. (more…)
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The Land Rover Discovery Sport Might Be More than You Need

Are you ready for a vehicle that makes camping trips a weekend of ease?  Do you think you need a vehicle that can handle rough terrain just to get to the remote destination you are trying to get to?  The reality is many times the capabilities of the Land Rover Discovery Sport are wasted in the outdoors.  That alone may seem like an odd statement, but the reality is unless you are going into terrain that has no path already built these capabilities are more than you will need.  (more…)
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Police Cars that Can Really Keep Up

It’s been a constant battle for many years all over the world for the Police Force to continually have cars that are built to chase down the fastest of criminals as well as offer the protection needed of any of the men or women in blue to stay as protected as they can. In many ways the Police have gained a serious advantage and several of them now have such cool cars to drive many of us would love to be able to take a ride in one, which unfortunately means being arrested, but it might just be worth it to be allowed to see what the Police have done to upgrade already awesome vehicles. Typically and what we are used to is a long line of Fords for the Police to drive, but many of them are stepping up the game to Hummers and Land Rovers that are capable of rolling over many off pavement...
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