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Best on the Road: Minivan Edition

Best on the Road Minivan Edition

The minivan has gotten a bad reputation over the past twenty years. New moms look at them in horror, as if they’re the very representation of their forgotten footloose and fancy-free days. Some dads view them as the physical manifestation of their emasculation. However, minivans aren’t the bad guys they’re made out to be. They’re super spacious and incredibly practical, and not in a bad way. These bad boys can haul A LOT of stuff. They’re also oddly comfortable, in an “am I on the couch or in the car” type of way. What many families are quickly discovering, is that once you go minivan, you never go back.

Stigma aside, minivans are incredibly useful, especially for bigger families or families with athletes, musicians, or pets. While a third-row SUV won’t cramp your style, there’s also a lot of rearranging that will go into making a traditional SUV or Crossover hold hockey sticks, skates, and all of the gear and still allow for the maximum comfort of the passengers. With a minivan, you could carry skis and poles or a drum set and the kids will still be riding in style. They’re also pretty awesome when it comes to features, especially the stuff that parents find important.

Minivans are jampacked with cup holders, cubbies, and USB outlet locations. They’re also a lot easier for novice drivers to control than SUVs and Crossovers. They’re usually built on a sedan base and therefore tend to be much less top-heavy than the average SUV. With the added convenience of sliding doors, it’s kind of a mystery as to why they’re on many driver’s lists of the vehicles they dislike. Let’s take the minivan and make it cool again, with the best models on the market.

  • Kia Sedona – If the allure of a Kia brand vehicle isn’t enough, the Sedona is a reasonably priced, safe and tech-laden version of this unpopular classic. No expense was spared when it came to passenger AND driver comfort in the new Kia Sedona, as this stunner boasts footrests, heated second row, and crazy leg room! With multi-zone heat and air conditioning, a feature not always found in your common SUV, Kia has made strides to ensure that their minivan drivers and the family they’re carrying aren’t shivering in the back of a darkened car. It’s time to no longer fear the family road trip to Grandma’s house and get inside one of these beauties.
  • Honda Odyssey – Nearly everything Honda does is a thing of beauty, and the Odyssey is no exception. With classic Honda lines, it’s easily recognized as part of the brand and it’s backed by the very same reputation. A little higher on the starting price than the Kia, Honda’s minivan offering is one of the best sellers in terms of the vehicle type. Not only does this van offer 27 mpg on the highway, but its also usually part of Honda’s huge sales events. With a starting price of almost $30K, it isn’t the least expensive vehicle on this list, but Honda is known for their excellence and this minivan is sure to last.
  • Chrysler Pacifica – Perhaps the most confusing addition to this list, as Chrysler proclaimed, not so long ago, that they were discontinuing their Pacifica. Well, they did, as an SUV anyway. The new Pacifica has emerged as a minivan, which isn’t too far off what it used to be. However, this vehicle obviously features the sliding doors that make ingress and egress much more manageable when wrangling the kids. This one starts at just under $29000, but also boasts the honor of being named one of the best of 2017. With five different trim levels to choose from, there is surely a Pacifica that suits your fancy.
  • Dodge Grand Caravan – One of the originals in the minivan field, Dodge still offers an awesome van, without the wood-like paneling down the sides, of course. To be honest, the shape of this minivan hasn’t changed much in the past thirty-four years of its existence, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a stunner. It’s actually one of the better-looking minivans, taking on an almost squared off appearance, rather than the traditional bullet-like shape. This one, at the lowest trim level, costs under $25K and has 283 horsepower. If loyalty is important, you can’t go wrong with the original.

Sure, it means sacrificing some of the pride you’ve built up as you’ve puffed up your chest and renounced the idea of ever owning a minivan, but you probably won’t regret the decision to purchase one. They’re crazy comfortable and totally convenient if you’ve got kids, and they’re easier to drive than your standard SUV. Do it. Buy the minivan. You won’t be sorry.

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