Thursday, September 21

Acura NSX Set To Debut: Already Sold Out

2016 Acura NSX

Acura has really done their market right, giving the public a taste here and there of what the NSX will be and hinting at its overall performance value. By teasing and toying with the public, Acura has successfully launched a campaign with the NSX that shows it as a car that already been sought after with great fervor even though the real details haven’t been released yet. The proof of this clamoring shows up with the fact that car has already sold out of all its preorders in the UK giving the NSX an already successful start to its existence.

The NSX has been shown to be the next generation of supercars from Acura and offers a highly sporty and stylish exterior that will easily make anyone swoon when they see this car on the road. With very few actual details about the car and only a few pictures that have been released, Acura has kept a tight lid on what the NSX is going to offer coming into 2016.

The few pictures that have been releases show off a sports car the is low to the ground, tight around the wheel wells, offers sleek and smooth profile that starts out sharp on the front and flows seamlessly toward the rear in a very shapely wedge style. This hood scoops and different ports help to keep this car planted on the ground as it screams on the test tracks at Acura while offering dynamics in design and alluring looks and feel to this speedy beast of the blacktop. The windshield angles to the roof in an aerodynamic angle and curve to give the NSX a fluid and finished design.

With the long testing time that Acura has put into the NSX, another ploy to get those of the public who can afford such a vehicle to be ready to spend the money and grab one of the few preorders that were available even when there wasn’t much information at hand. Whether this is actually the case or if Acura was simply testing and retesting to ensure the NSX is going to be all that it is hyped up to be and more is still yet to be seen and found out, but one thing is for sure, before it even heads into production this car has made a lot of noise in the top end sports car buying community.

As we all wait for the unveiling at auto shows starting at the beginning of 2015, we can look forward to seeing what the 2016 NSX will offer as far as overall looks, features, stats and simple presence. With confidence in the team at Acura, the NSX is certain to be the bell of the ball at every show during the spring of 2015 giving attendees a lot to talk about and feature, only helping Acura to showcase this amazing looking sports car for the entire world to learn about and determine if those who have preordered this new super car made the right choice.

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