The RTR-X Mustang from 1969 Revisited

1969 RTR-X Mustang

When generational changes occur for vehicles they often incorporate a huge amount of design and engineering changes. This can mean scrapping a design altogether in favor of a whole new look and feel for any vehicle to add the improvements and technological advances that are popular and being created at the time of the generational change. In 1969 the Mustang came out with a brand new design and look by creating a longer vehicle with a fastback and adding two more lights to become the Boss 302 model that was to become a car of pure joy and pleasure to drive and ride in.

Because the Boss 302 was so well renown, the model was brought back into popularity forty years later in 2009 to bring in a Mustang that would once again be fitting of the Boss 302 name. Of course it only is fitting this classic and iconic car was planned for introduction in the new Need for Speed games which helped to bring the car more popularity with a crowd of young gamers who wanted to go fast not only in the games, but on the road too. In an effort to be a great car the Boss 302 needed to be the team of Vaughn Gittin Jr., a world renowned drift racer gave his thoughts to the new Boss 302 to be made in to a car that is worthy of the Ford name.

Vaughn’s creating came to light in a beauty of a Mustang with a fastback and the style that is a full throwback to 1969 but also is equipped with everything you would want in a Mustang of today. This 2012 model that Vaughn drives goes by the name RTR. The RTR designator may sound like some fancy car speak, but it really isn’t, it stands for “ready to rock” and is a designation given to the car by Vaughn himself.

This Mustang that is worthy if getting the Boss 302 designation was a true technologically advanced car putting in the power of the engine on the frame and the suspension setup is made to keeps this car planted on the road for the popularity of drifting if desired. Every inch of this car met with Vaughn’s approval and brought in the power needed to offer everything possible from this car and keep the overall look of a throwback machine that made this beast worthy of the games it was designed to be in.

For gamers, when you see a Boss 302 Mustang in the game, you can know it has been copied and a marketing part of Ford which offered the Boss 302 as a limited model that helped sell the game and gave Vaughn an amazing car to drive and offer to the world. For muscle car enthusiasts, this 2012 version of the 1969 model made for one of the most ambitious and awe-inspiring throwback models ever giving us a car that is full of function and performance that normally is only reserved for the virtual world.

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