Classic Power from the Challenger

2015 Dodge Challenger 5.7L Engine

The new version of the Dodge Challenger made its first appearance in 2008 and for one particular model there have been little to no changes over the last seven years.  Of course calling this a new version only means its modern since the Challenger in this style is truly a throwback to the Challenger of old that went by the wayside for so many years only to reemerge and bring back a style that we love to see and is a lot of fun to drive.  The one Challenger that has not changed over the past seven years has been the 5.7L R/T manual model.

Even though this model is actually the fourth on the list when it comes to speed it’s not a slow and sluggish car.  Instead this fun to drive Challenger can reach sixty mph in 5.1 seconds and finish the quarter mile in 13.7 seconds at a speed of 103 mph.  with the high performing six-speed manual attached to this engine your drive is one of certain engagement and fun that gives you the feeling of driving a car with a throwback style in nearly the same way as that car was driven previously.

Even though all the systems have become computerized and are much better than the original Challenger one thing that is basically the same is the suspension and steering of the Challenger which still don’t make it easy to corner and certainly doesn’t make the car stay put on the pavement.  Because of this you have to have some driving skill if you plan on driving this car at high speeds or in a way that resembles racing you might want to stick to straight line running, but if you are looking for a great driving car that will let you enjoy a cruise or give you the fun of accelerating quickly, the Challenger R/T is a great choice.

One of the ways the R/T has changed over the past seven years is on the inside.  While much of the exterior offered the feeling of a 1971 model the interior was stripped down and dull rather than offering a retro feeling that would go well with the exterior.  Now the interior does have some of the looks of the original in the dashboard along with a great infotainment system and some of the most comfortable seats you can find in a sports car which makes for a great blend of the old and new, which is exactly what that Challenger was to be from the beginning.

As one of the lower models of the Challenger you will be surprised at how much fun this car is to drive and the amazing price you will pay.  It won’t be long before the top model Hellcat reaches up to six figures, but the R/T with the 5.7-liter engine and manual transmission has only increased its base price from $31,540 up to $32,490 to give you a Challenger that is perfect for driving every day and enjoying the much smaller payment than its more powerful and much more expensive brethren.

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