Is Cadillac about to go Crossover Crazy?

2017 Cadillac XT5

In a market where Cadillac is about to replace its best-selling crossover SUV, the SRX with the new XT5 which made its debut at the Dubai motor show there is a hint at more crossovers to come.  Why would Cadillac want more crossovers?  Most likely this would be an effort to be actually competitive in the market.  When you think about the other luxury automakers you can see each one has at least two crossovers and many have even more than that.  Cadillac, it would appear, would like to be in direct competition with Mercedes-Benz and BMW by offering as many as five crossovers for us to enjoy.

The XT5 will be a fantastic midsized crossover SUV that will set the tone for the segment.  With that knowledge, Cadillac has let us know they will most likely have two smaller than the XT5 and two that are larger to have a segment of five crossover SUVs.  Because the other luxury brands have so many it’s easy to see where the space is for these five Caddys to join up and be a formidable group of vehicles that offers us what we want from one of the most dynamic names in driving.

Is Cadillac poised to pull this off?  For years we thought of Cadillac as being luxury cars for those who enjoyed a slower cruise than for a dynamic and athletic drive.  Going up against the likes of BMW with its active driving and Mercedes-Benz with more luxury features than you could imagine it seems Cadillac needs to have a fantastic blend of the two in order to be competitive.  If you have seen the CTS-V and ATS-V you certainly can see that Cadillac now has what it needs to provide us with the lineup of SUVs that would compete perfectly with these two highly regarded German brands.

What will happen with the Escalade?  The Escalade is actually in a completely different category as a truck-based large SUV that is made to be the ultimate luxury machine.  Because it is not a crossover, and certainly could not be mistaken for one, the Escalade will continue to be what we want it to be, an awesome large vehicle that is ready to give us the most comfortable ride as we roll up in prestige and style at any event in the city, dressed to impress.

As for the car lineup from Cadillac, Tesla might be worried because the plug-in hybrid ELR coupe will continue to be part of the lineup even though it experienced lower than expected sales during its first run.  In addition to the ELR Cadillac will offer a CT6 hybrid that will become a high class luxury hybrid car that certainly will have all the features and equipment we want to enjoy and a fuel efficient powertrain.  It looks to me like Cadillac is poised to take its position near the top of the luxury world once again with a lineup of awesome vehicles that we get the pleasure of witnessing coming to life over the next few years.

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