What do You Want to do with Your Old Car Parts?

02.01.16 - Old Car Parts

The world is now full of people who are looking for different ways to reduce, reuse or recycle items to let them have a second life as something else. We try to recycle plastics to be reused as more plastics for bottles and other items; we try and make different items out of left over pieces of wood to allow these items to have a new life, but what about vehicle parts? With many vehicle parts being made from metals how practical is it to turn them into something else other than another vehicle?

One company in Austria has the answer to this question. They take the car parts you choose and turn them into some type of furniture. They don’t do this by melting the items down; instead they keep the integrity of the item intact and build something around the item. This gives you a great looking conversation piece that also looks great in your home. With many of us turning to modern home designs that offer minimalistic looks this is an easy to understand process and feature as the items come to you with a design that accentuates the part you sent to them.

The company name is Unibro Design and they are based out of Austria and ready to make the piece you want. They have created desks from the trunk lids of cars, turned old air filters into lamps and even had some parts that dated back to World War II that they turned into a piece of furniture for homes. While the manufacture furniture on request they offer one-off pieces which makes it easy to have the trunk of your favorite old car turned into a desk for your office, or to have a lamp made from the old ring style air filter that as once a part of your ride.

Can you image turning the backseat of your old Mustang into a couch and having it sit in your living room as a conversation piece? Not only would you be able to preserve a piece of your own history to be enjoyed every time you come home, your friends and family will be amazed by what you have as furniture pieces. These items may not appeal to all tastes, but Unibro Design works to please each customer and fit the item to the style they have in their home.

In a world filled with junkyards, which really should only be for the salvage and sale of vehicle parts, we still need ways to handle the waste that can happen from a vehicle when it has no life left in it. Whether you have an old car you want to have made into some furniture or you have wrecked your old and faithful steed to only be left with the trunk intact, the folks at Unibro Design can help you keep some of your memories alive with some gorgeous furniture made from the parts of your old car.

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