For 2017 the Audi S3 Sedan Features More Power and a Prettier Face

05.09.16 - 2017 Audi S3 Sedan

When something has more than just good looks to offer you, you tend to feel it has much more value to you than it would if all you saw was looks with no substance. This is the case with relationships, with products, in business, with our homes and even with our vehicles. Just because something looks great doesn’t mean it performs great, but the newly designed Audi S3 Sedan for 2017 is certainly a car that offers you much more than just a pretty face. If you want a luxury sports sedan that gives you more power and better looks, this is the car for you.

The A3 has been waiting to be redesigned as it fell in line with the A6 and behind the A4 and the A8. As part of the A3 lineup the S3 sedan will be the beneficiary of lineup changes that bring a fresh new look to the A3 sedan and cabriolet. With this new look we see a style that goes away from the nearly plain look that was part of the old models to an elegant and aggressive look that reminds you Audi is a key player when it comes to luxury sports cars.

Of course, you can’t back up a more aggressive look without added power and performance; otherwise we would just have a pretty face and no substance. the new S3 uses a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that sounds too small to be powerful. Adding the Quattro AWD certainly increases the excitement and using a dual clutch automatic transmission that shifts extremely quickly helps to sell us on the idea of this being a performance machine, but what about the power from this small engine, is it going to be enough?

How does 305 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft. of torque sound? It sounds to me like Audi found a way to make a small but mighty engine even more powerful with ten additional ponies galloping around and fifteen pounds more of twist. This engine is actually shared with the Golf R if those numbers sound somewhat familiar and with this power plant under the hood the S3 can remain a lightweight sports sedan that will excite us more than before. These changes to the S3 are not a complete overhaul as the car is only two years old, but Audi felt it was time for a bit more ruckus in their lineup and this car appears to be right for the job.

Audi says their stability control and AWD system are more S3 specific now, which I take to mean they are more oriented toward a sports car, which is perfect for this machine and the vision we have of a car that can deliver on performance in a big way. What this does mean is the stability control system allows for a little more play to give you the ability to drive this car and the AWD system sends more power to the rear axle more of the time which helps to balance out the power and give us the drive we can enjoy from this amazing car.

Although Audi claims to let you drive a little more, the S3, when put to the test, was unwavering in its grip and AWD performance. That’s not a bad thing unless you’re ready to head to the track and want to have more understeer than this car does. Right now we have a controlled understeer that is enjoyable for most drivers of the car as long as you keep it on the roads in your area and don’t expect it to let loose when you do head out to the track.

The looks you do get to enjoy on this car that offers the improved power and better performance is a meaner face thanks to the creases and corners around the headlights, grill and lower intake areas. This gives the car the angry and aggressive look that is a far cry from the boring days of old. It amazes me to see the transformation of car design over the years from the square and similar looks of the 1980s to the curves that followed where every manufacturer was trying to soften their corners and now today we see some of the most impressive angles and creases to really give us cars that have a design edge and now the Audi S3 sedan finally shares an edginess.

Without a doubt, the interior of this car is still what you expect it to be. The Audi lineup has been touted as having the best interiors in the business and the S3 continues to carry that tradition onward. What you won’t see on the inside of this car is too much of anything, which is what makes it great. The minimalist dashboard that features four round air vents looks sporty and has a 7.0-inch central display that can be hidden away. There is a thin row of climate control buttons and the familiar MMI infotainment controller knob that is the same as what we have seen for the past two years.

The seating is comfortable and supported especially when covered in supple leather that feels as if it caresses your body as your drive. Plenty of space for everyone to ride can be found in this smallest version of the Audi lineup to give us a place that we can relax when a passenger or get aggressive as a driver.

The S3 sedan enjoys a bit of an improvement for 2017 and as you can easily tell the differences will make a huge impact on Audi loves everywhere. Are you ready to drive a car that not only has a pretty face but also has the substance to back it up? The S3 will excite you, entice you and give you the ride you want in a car that is sure to get more than a few looks as you drive down the road or let it loose on the track.

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