What Happens When You Take a Popular Model Global?

06.22.16 - 2017 Ford Mustang

For 2015 there was one sports coupe that outsold the rest. This may not sound significant to anyone because there is always going to be a sales leader, but this particular sports coupe had only been on the global market for a year when it made this amazing feat. Now maybe you are a bit more intrigued; the car that accomplished the task of being the global sales leader in this category was none other than the Ford Mustang and when you think about all the other sports coupes on the market, this is an amazing accomplishment.

The Mustang sold over 100,000 of the coupe model and another 30,000 of the convertible build to come in with total sales for the Mustang of 141,868 for 2015. That is a huge number for a car that was only on the global market for a year. In the United Kingdom the Mustang sold over 3,500 cars and it only began in the fourth quarter while the total sales for Europe came in at a little over 16,000. It appears the Mustang has made its mark across Europe by being the best seller for March in Germany and for a month in France as well.

Looking to other areas of the world, the Mustang has been the best seller in China during the fourth quarter of last year and has sold out in Australia through 2017 and has had to add more than 2,000 more units in order to meet the demand of the Australian customers. That’s an amazing reaction to a car that has only been out of the US for such a short period of time, but it seems the global market can’t get enough of the Ford Mustang and who can blame them?

Here in the US, the Mustang outsold the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger combined last month. This gave the Mustang total sales of 12,563 and the other two a total of 12,248 making the Mustang an amazing sales force for the Ford company that continues to thrive with this amazing success. What’s amazing is not only has the Mustang continued to be one of the best-selling vehicles on the planet for another year, it’s been one that we continue to enjoy at home as the leader in the class and a car that is built to represent what we love about American sports cars.

What’s so great about the Mustang? This is a car that has always been about speed, power, agility and fun. You can take more than one person along for the ride and they can feel comfortable and excited right along with you. It’s an affordable sports car at the low end of the spectrum and a high performance track beast at the top end. There is a Mustang for every customer in the world; you just have to find the one that suits your needs as Ford continues to click off sales in a global manner with this beautiful sports car.

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