Should We Still Engage in One of the Oldest Arts?

08.22.16 - Car Keys

There are many facets of daily life that haven’t changed much since the times when the first people began to walk on the planet. No matter what school of thought you come from as to how we ended up being the two-legged, upright walking species that thinks and shows emotions there are simple necessities that have been part of life from the beginning. We all need food, shelter and water as the basic needs and of course clothing helps too. The more we amass of items in our lives the more we have to practice a variety of skills to ensure the protection of our wealth.

In a modern and civilized society the art of negotiation is still practiced in many ways. The original form of negotiation might have been to kill the opponent or at least beat them into submission because the item in question was the only bartering item on the table, but in today’s world it unlikely you will be killed or even physically injured over a negotiation for an item. In fact in today’s world there are very few things in life that you negotiate anymore, making the art of negotiation one that’s only practiced by those who are masters of the craft.

Those items we still tend to negotiate, without taking business deal into consideration, are the price of a house, our annual salary and the price we pay for a vehicle. For the most part nothing else is ever negotiated and we pay the price listed. In fact we feel like we’re getting a great deal when offered a discount on an item that we have lined up like lemmings to purchase at the price that’s marked. Should we also be accepting the listed price for vehicles?

There was a time when every vehicle was haggled in price and debates would go on for hours, but for the most part the price of a vehicle has been standardized at dealerships. Even so, the idea that you could get a discount of a couple thousand dollars or even have some equipment added to your vehicle at no additional cost is enough to entice many of us to spend a few precious hours of our busy day working to gain the best deal possible. Haggling and negotiating the price of a vehicle isn’t just American, its human and something we feel compelled to do even when the business is a “no haggle” company.

Not only is haggling our right as people, it appears to be good for the automotive industry. The two brands that offered a “no haggle” policy have both disappeared from the market; Saturn and Scion. While this style of sales was fine for some, but the idea of being able to drive into a car dealership and leave with a new vehicle that has some great equipment added to it is one that is extremely attractive to many of us and we want the ability to haggle, especially when the dealer offers us a used vehicle for sale.

Go ahead, brush up on your negotiating skills, prepare your offer and get out there and haggle for the price you want to pay. It’s your right as a person and a way to invoke the memories of those early people who may have bashed each other over the head for an animal skin. Just be glad we don’t live in that time.

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