Do You Know Everything You Should About Your Car?

10.06.16 - Parallel Parking

It’s simple to think we know as much as we need to about our cars and the items that are part of our everyday lives, but do you know how long you spend in your car on a yearly average; do you know how to find items on your car? Most of us really don’t know as much as we should about our cars unless we pay close attention or try to learn what our car has to offer us. Here are some fun facts and helpful hints to help open your eyes up to what you’re driving, or you can watch this video to learn more.

Blind – While you aren’t going to be given a license to drive if you’re blind the inventor of the cruise control was actually blind. It seems strange that blind man would invent something for the automotive world, but he did.

Time – How much time do you spend in traffic? If you live in a large city it’s probably much more than the average, but the average American is in traffic (standstill on the highway) for an average of 38 hours per year, which is a lot of time.

Gas Tank – Even if you have never driven the car you’re in you can see which side of the car the gas tank is on by looking at the arrow next to the fuel symbol in the gauge cluster. This arrow points the way.

Face East – In colder weather you should try to park with your car facing East to help defrost your windows naturally as the sun rises. If you are up before the sun this won’t be much help at all.

Create Airflow – When your car is extremely hot on Summer days and you want to create a cooler area roll down the driver’s window and then walk around and open and close the passenger side door five or ten times. This will help push out the hot air that’s been trapped and help lower the temperature of the vehicle.

A/C Needed – When driving at faster speeds on the highway you should use your A/C rather than rolling down windows. You’ll actually save on gas doing this because your windows being up will help create less wind resistance on the road.

A/C Not Needed – When in traffic you should try not to use your A/C because it will lower your gas mileage by a lot when running and the car isn’t moving much at all.

Don’t Overfill – You should stop filling your tank when the gas pump shuts off; overfilling won’t do much more than cost you more money and you’re not getting much more than fumes added to the tank.

Parallel Parking – Make sure you start all the way even with another car, turn your wheel all the way, back up until you see the front license plate of the car behind you, stop and turn the wheel entirely in the other direction and finish the job.

Turn Signals – These aren’t just suggestions, you need to use them to indicate your intentions on the road. That can be merging into another lane or turning; these are meant to let other drivers know what you plan to do so they can make room for you to do it.


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